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There is a new 911 out—well, actually, there are five. The sweet-spot GTS, a staple of the 911 range for the last 12 years, is back in the latest 992-generation 911 lineup. Even though the 2022 911 GTS isn’t a GT-department product and is “just” a part of the regular 911 family, the GTS has proven to be the best all-around 911 for more than a decade now. With the help of some unique tweaks, the 992-generation GTS looks to keep that tradition alive and well.

What Makes a 911 GTS a GTS?

The 911 GTS has always been a 911 Carrera with a few choice sport options added on—but they’ve often cost less than if you were to add those options individually to say, a 911 Carrera S, on your own. The 992 is no different. Starting with a standard 911, the GTS’s 3.0-liter turbocharged flat six makes 473 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. Not only is that 30 more hp and 30 more lb-ft than you get in the standard S, it’s also not too far off the 911 GT3’s 500 hp figure. Power will be sent through either an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (Porsche’s excellent PDK) or a seven-speed manual (with a 10 percent shorter shift throws than before).

The mighty 911 Turbo’s braking system has been adapted to the new GTS, too, and prospective buyers can opt for a new light-weighting package that can save up to 55 pounds. It swaps in carbon-fiber bucket seats, lightweight glass for the rear and side windows, and a lightweight battery to shave those pounds. Oh, you also lose the rear seats, but you get some fancy aerodynamic paneling on the underside of the car in return.

Porsche also retuned its Active Suspension Management system (PASM) for the GTS that lowers the right height by 10 mm. Through creative borrowing; like the brakes, these bits are pulled from the Turbo models. The suspension now features helper springs, a piece of tech that’s quite unusual on a 911 that isn’t badged “GT3” or “Turbo.” The additional spring is there to help keep damping forces consistent, according to Porsche.

Extra GTS-ness Outside

Aesthetically, the GTS gets black-painted exterior accents to help differentiate it from the normal 911s. It also gets sportier front and rear fascias (they are optional on standard Carreras) for a more aggressive maw and rump. Centerlock wheels from the 911 Turbo can be had on the GTS, too. The seats have been trimmed with race-tex cloth and there’s more Alcantara on the inside to help make the GTS feel ever-so-slightly more special.

The GTS will be available in five different flavors—a Carrera coupe with the option of rear- or all-wheel-drive, a Carrera cabriolet with the same drivetrain options, and a Targa that will only be available with AWD. That brings the total number of current-generation 911 variants to 21. More surely are in the pipeline. Prices for the GTS will start at $138,050 and will go up from there. Full pricing below:

2022 Porsche 911 GTS Pricing

  • Carrera GTS: $138,050
  • Carrera 4 GTS: $145,350
  • Carrera GTS Cabriolet: $150,850
  • Carrera 4 GTS Cabriolet: $158,150
  • Targa 4 GTS: $158,150

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