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As a nation, nothing seems more closer to its heart than gaming. In the past decade, Poland has grown into the 4th major gaming manufacturing nation on the planet, just behind Japan, China, and the United States. This is serious news and one hell of an achievement, but whilst the roses are smelling sweet in the video gaming sector of the Polish game industry, but when it comes to casinos, there is a noticeable turn in mood.

We look at the state of Poland’s view on gaming in the casino markets and discuss the current laws, casinos, and options for Polish players that wish to use online services that provide classic casino games and online sports betting.


The current gambling laws in Poland

Right now, in Poland, request to have the laws on gambling to be reviewed and updated are taking place in Parliament.

So far, a hand full of Gambling Act articles are being considered for review, but none as important as those in article 15 F.

But let us step back a bit and tell you briefly how the law was before this new request for a law amendment.

Pre-2021, Polish gambling laws were very much like other countries, players were only able to use state-owned services and no one within Poland could form an online casino business, mostly because this would be competing against the government-owned businesses.

However, despite the strictness, online casinos are mainly licensed and registered abroad and outside of Poland’s borders. So, legally, through this loophole that still complies with Polish law, players could, in fact, play online in what are foreign sites.

However, post-2021, the articles in the Act are looking to be changed whilst internet providers are being challenged to share data of those accessing sites and using address systems to redirect their IP address in order to gamble. This is as clear an infringement on private data as it gets, but the laws in Poland aren’t exactly people-friendly.

As for now, nothing has changed, so for those in Poland, it is business as usual until the law does change, which it most likely will in some form.


Online Polish casino markets

Helping players looking to find the best online casino sites open to Polish players and their currency is This is an online comparison site that hosts legally licensed casinos that also provides advice, gaming guides, free games, and exclusive bonuses.

We spoke with the Editor-in-Chief of to discuss their work and views on the situation with the Polish laws.

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With regards to the laws in Poland, the internet is hard to fully control, and you see this to a degree with North Korea, as the most extreme example but nevertheless, the same thing is being done. It is an odd issue because if they adjusted the laws, they could at least tax winnings and the government wins. Their approach, however, seems blinded, but so too has many of their other recent law changes. It will be interesting if these changes in the law have an effect on the companies based in Poland that are making eSports software for the online casinos, something we’ll most definitely be keeping an eye on.”


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If you have any questions regarding the law changes in Poland, you are able to contact the team at and find out where you stand on being able to play online casino games from within Poland. At this point, should things turn sour, do not look to gamble within illegal or unlicensed casinos online within the dark web because there are zero guarantees to money safety or personal data safety. Right now, it’s a case of wait and see, and play on till it happens.