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Aglet, the metaverse-commerce mobile game for sneakerheads that bridges the gap between the physical and virtual fashion worlds is pleased to announce their renewed partnership with the leading ANZ esports organization, Dire Wolves, to deliver custom player-designed sneakers to fans worldwide. The partnership also includes the custom placement of Aglet Treasure Stash Stations at key locations near the Dire Wolves office and studios.

“I am really excited that we were able to extend our partnership with Aglet and create a new sneaker line designed by our very own NBA 2K players. Aglet is a perfect example of the bridge between competitive gaming and lifestyle, and it’s great to forge a partnership that provides our digital-first community with something unique and engaging.” – Jason Spiller, Owner, Dire Wolves

Aglet made their first move into esports earlier this year with Dire Wolves who created two limited edition customized sneakers with their Overwatch players. Both pairs had a limited drop of 100 each which sold out in record time. The new line has been designed by NBA 2K players Benjamin “Chooka” Creanor , Matthew “Munza” Munro and Mohammed “Air” Ghadiri who worked directly with Aglet’s design team to create their own on-court and off-court sneakers.

The collaboration kicked off with a Dire Wolves branded basketball and jersey combo drop in the Aglet Shop, followed by Munza’s on-court and off-court sneaker drop in Aglet Treasure Stashes across the globe. Aglet players access the in-game metaverse map to find these stashes and are rewarded with sneakers and/ or in-game currency as a reward for their hustle.

Further in-shop and out-in-the-Aglet-Metaverse drops will continue for the next three weeks, and Aglet players that collect all seven digital sneakers will be rewarded with an exclusive in-game gold Dire Wolves slide and sock combo – only attainable via completing the collection.

“We live in The Gaming Age. The metaverse includes not only virtual worlds but extends to gamified real-world experiences where players’ in-game hustle has real world consequences! The partnership with Dire Wolves is special because it enables our teams to harmonize the virtual and physical worlds into a new type of experience – one that encourages physical and creative activity.” – Ryan David Mullins, Co-Founder and CEO, Aglet