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In this article we are going to discover who Gamblers of today really are, what they do and if they can be recognized. Do all gamblers share a similar style and look? Is there even a pop culture gambler style?


Who are the gamblers?

According to a gambler is defined as a person who engages in gambling activities for the purpose of winning money, or people who tend to take risks.

But unless they are dressed in a Tom Ford suit like James Bond is it possible to recognize a pro gambler? The answer? Not really, especially nowadays, where most of the novice and as well as professional gamblers play not in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo but through platforms such as online casinos, where they can gamble from the comfort of their own homes or offices.


Gambler style in the collective imaginary

There is a collective idea of how gamblers should look, or at least what the gambler’s style should consist of according to Hollywood standards. In a typical Ian Fleming novel the gambler is usually described with great cunning, wealthy, pristinely dressed and quite often involved in dangerous or criminal activities.

Yes, you are most likely thinking about James Bond.

Or, some might even be thinking about everyone’s best friend, Alan (Zach Galifianakis) in the Hangover.


Most famous gamblers in the movies

Many Hollywood movies represent the male gamblers with a very particular look and style: as the strong, confident and rich in sex appeal man. Often surrounded by stunningly gorgeous women and rich friends.

Let’s talk about some Hollywood gambler-themed movies together:

  • James Bond: everyone knows 007, the MI6 agent that over the years has been interpreted by actors such as Sean Connery and more recently by Daniel Craig in Spectre and Casino Royale. The gambler look and style of James Bond is what most people imagine when thinking about gamblers.

In Casino Royale the agent is sent on a mission to find a mercenary that is organizing a terrorist attack. Bond is then unfortunately filmed by the cameras of an embassy while killing him, and is relieved of his duties.

At this point Bond starts to investigate on his own, and when he arrives in the Bahamas, he discovers that another mercenary has been assigned to carry out the attack. Bond chases the assassin to the airport, and foils the destruction of the Skyfleet S570 airliner.

He then learns that the man who sent the terrorists is the banker Le Chiffre. Under pressure from death threats from his clients, Le Chiffre decides to organize a Texas hold ’em tournament in the small Casino Royale, in Montenegro, with a buy in fee of 10 million dollars.

Bond is considered the only one able to beat the banker, the plan is to make Le Chiffre lose the game and force him to ask the British government for asylum in exchange for info on his clients.


  • 21: In 21 Ben Campbell is a shy and brilliant mathematics student. Needing to pay for his studies, he finds in gambling the solution to his financial problems.

Ben is recruited into a team of the college’s most gifted students, a team that every weekend travels to Las Vegas where, using a calculation system conceived by their math professor, they manage to beat the casinos by using science in Black Jack.

Seduced by the glittering life of Las Vegas, and by his teammate Jill, Ben will succumb to the temptation of forcing his hand at gambling.


  • The Hangover: Doug, Phil Wenneck (Bradley Cooper), Stu Price and Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) are a group of friends leaving for Las Vegas to celebrate Doug’s bachelor party.

After arriving in Las Vegas at the infamous Caesar’s Palace, the crew toasts “to a night they’ll never forget”. The next morning, Stu, Alan, and Phil wake up completely hungover, with a tiger, a baby and a chicken in the room. And Doug is missing.

The sketchy Chinese criminal Leslie Chow, who claims to have been robbed of all his casino winnings, holds innocent Doug hostage. Earning the ransom money in, wait for it, a lucky round of poker, they pay the ransom and get their friend back.


But…gamblers don’t always look like that

As close to Hollywood as we might feel when winning big at a casino table the reality is that audiences are used to two stereotypes of gamblers: the James Bonds and the Alan’s of the Silver screen. But the Hollywood stereotypes of the gambler and the math nerd who can count cards is becoming more and more obsolete and outdated.

The Gambling space is quickly transforming and so are its players. Gamblers are no longer Ben Cambell’s but rather savvy Rachel Chu’s like we saw in 2018’s Crazy Rich Asians.


What is it that makes “professional” a gambler?

As the gamblers’ market continues growing exponentially across demographics and income sectors, we must also look at the growing audience of diversified players including more women, more college students, more young professionals as well as the old-school generation.

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