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Sports betting has changed almost beyond recognition in the last 20 years, not just in Canada but worldwide. Explain to a youthful bettor the process of visiting a betting office on the high street, writing out your wagers on paper before handing it across the counter with the stake in notes. They’d look at you in disbelief.

The new generation of bettors does their gambling on the best sportsbooks, from the comfort of their own home or with the convenience of using a smartphone app. No queuing, no copying runners from newspapers pinned to the bookie wall. No transactions in cash. Betting apps have dragged the gambling industry into the 21st century, and we’re glad that it has.


Benefits of online betting

This article explains the many benefits associated with betting using a modern app on your smartphone or tablet device. We even detail how you can safely open an online betting account with a legal bookmaker and secure a welcome bonus free bet for your troubles.

Online betting brings sportsbook gambling to a fresh new audience, and if you are eager to get involved and profit from your love of sports, you’ll find this page to be extremely useful. We’ve picked the brains of a team of sports betting experts who explain just how easy it is to bet at home or on your phone and always get the best odds when doing so.


Convenience is king

The convenience of betting on sports at the touch of a button also allows you to get the most generous odds on all your bets. In the past, hunting down the top offer from bookies on an NFL match, for example, would mean going around all the betting offices in your area to compare odds. It was a process that took many hours, so most gamblers didn’t bother, instead of taking what they were offered for an easy life.

As a sports gambler, you are no longer at the mercy of a bookie. If one site offers you a specific price, you can instantly check that against dozens of other online bookies. This takes just a few seconds and is a sure-fire way to ensure your stake is always working as hard as possible every time you place a bet.


In-game betting

Another horror story from the bad old days of betting was the need to get your bets on before the advertised start time. If a boxing bout was set to start at 22:00, you would have to be in the bookies holding your prepared betting slip before 21:50. It’s crazy to think about that now, with in-game betting changing the industry forever.

When you bet on a sports fixture online, it will have a long list of pre-match betting markets, including Moneyline, handicap and totals. Most options will remain live throughout a match, thanks to in-game betting. The odds updated to reflect the score.


Promotions and free bets

When betting on the high street was the only option, sportsbook succeeds based on where they placed their betting office. Near a shopping mall, stadium or sports bar guaranteed the bettors kept coming, and the profits rolled in.

There’s now no loyalty amongst gamblers, and that’s understandable. The online betting industry sees established names forced to compete with online-only betting sites. They have no overheads in terms of premises so can pass those savings on to you.

The online gambling industry is a competitive one so, to be successful, a bookie must convince you to bet with them over the competition. They do this by offering you an incentive to register at their site. The motivation is a welcome bonus which is often a free bet. In most cases, this is a matched free bet, which means if you deposit and bet $50 on sports, you’ll get a $50 free bet.

To sign up with a bookmaker and grab the welcome bonus free bet, you should first research what’s available to you and bet sure to play with a site that is legal in your area. It’s also worth spending the time to read over the terms and conditions attached to the welcome bonus free bet to ensure you have a proper understanding of how it works and what’s expected of you as a member.