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Did you know that Bentley has already claimed the Production SUV and Production Car records at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb? If not, consider the knowledge dropped. Now that you’re up to speed, here’s the Bentley Continental GT3 Pikes Peak, a modified Continental GT3 racer that burns biofuel and looks like a grand tourer straight out of hell.

The non-Pikes Peak Continental GT3 isn’t nearly as swole, as it packs less fender, less aero, and more greenhouse gas emissions. No, it’s not a hybrid, but as Bentley pivots slowly toward more environmentally responsible powertrains, it made the decision to power this racer with biofuel. A blend hasn’t been finalized yet, nor are the fuel’s total claimed greenhouse gas reductions finalized, but it’s better than nothing surely.

We don’t have technical specifications (its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V-8 will produce “significant” power for high-altitude operations), but we do know it’ll compete in the Time Attack 1 class, of which Porsche claimed the title last year and set the current record the year before. And Bentley will have its work cut out for it, as Porsche is bringing a bunch of cars this time around.

What we do have are photos of the car, and it looks glorious in its gold-trimmed luxurious black livery, with a Union Jack motif emphasizing the swollen rear fenders. The massive diffuser and twin outlets in between the ovoid taillights hit that purposeful/fearsome note, and the front has more splitters than a fancy razor has blades. Only time will tell if all this is enough for Bentley to take the title and/or record from Stuttgart.

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