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You may have seen recent discussions in forums, articles and videos about the apparent death of the MMORPG genre, that companies have given up investing on the market, and that all the big titles are bleeding players by the thousands.

However, we are glad to inform you that news about the death of massive online worlds with millions of players have been largely exaggerated and in this article we are going to give you three examples of how MMORPGs are bigger than ever before.


The Elder Scrolls Online

The name “Elder Scrolls” is one that bears a great weight in the gaming world with absolute classics like Skyrim and Morrowind under its belt, but that didn’t save the franchise’s online title from having a troubled launch.

That being said, since 2014 the game has seen huge improvements in almost all areas due to which developers have noticed a steady increase in its player base,

This increase fueled several new DLC’s taking players to either completely new or charmingly familiar parts of Tamriel, developing their relationship with both the world and with each-other.

The game’s recent success has led many news sources, as well as fans, to declare their full-hearted optimism in the games future, stating that it may even last until the release of The Elder Scrolls 6. Mentioning that, it’s still not too late to start your journey in ESO, if you’re looking to get it started, the best way to do it is to look or ESO cd key, find the best retailer and get it going.


Final Fantasy XIV

Speaking of giant MMO’s from giant franchises, Final Fantasy 14 has been garnering a huge player base largely due to the fact you can play the game all the way up to level 60 for free before opting for a monthly fee.

If the generous free trial was not enough, the game also boasts one of the most detailed character customization systems in the market, along with thousands of hours of content to explore.

Final Fantasy XIV is another game which is expected to stick around for a long time as it is being adapted for new console generations and its player count shows no signs of diminishing in the foreseeable future.


World of Warcraft

Now, how could we possibly talk about successful MMORPG’s without talking about Blizzards love child, the one and only World of Warcraft with its player base of nearly 115 million people, and over four million people playing every day.

World of Warcraft still has one of the largest and most dedicated fan bases on the market with some of its players even managing to make a living out of the game either through sponsors or by trading hard-earned items on services like Eldorado.

The ever-expanding world of Azeroth has been the site of many moments of legend in player history, from the insane charge of Leroy Jenkins, to the dreadful Corrupted blood pandemic, and even the bloody skirmishes between South Shore and Tarren Mill, and we can expect many more stories to come so long as World of Warcraft lives.



As you can see, the MMO RPG genre is not only surviving, it is thriving not just because great games like the ones above are still drawing in entire nations worth of new players but because if any of them comes to an end, there are plenty of others ready to take their place.

So, is there any new up-and-coming MMORPG that you’ve played recently? If so do you believe it can take on any of the big three we’ve listed? Be sure to share it in the comments !