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Various myths and speculations, most often of a negative nature, are essential companions of any online gambling site from the very beginning of its existence. And if the aura of mistrust and sometimes hatred still surrounds the real gambling clubs, the casinos working online flow in rumors and various myths.

To the average citizen, everything associated with the Internet seems unnatural and not trustworthy. That is why Internet gambling establishments to this day are the sources of many myths. Which of them can be trusted, and which have no reason for their existence at all? Let’s try to get to the bottom of it. Below are the most common myths about online casinos and facts which can destroy these myths in no time.


Myth #1: Every casino is designed to cheat honest people!

Eternal and immutable statement, dating back to the days when gambling business just started its existence. And most likely, the statement came from those who came to the casino with the purpose to quickly replenish their personal budget. Here, it should be understood that gambling is just a way of spending time in entertainment and nothing more. If this entertainment is not for you – you shouldn’t start playing it in the first place. Experiencing the gamut of emotions while playing relieves nervous tension and fights stress. And winning has always been just a pleasant bonus to stimulate a new game. If the casino is regulated by law (as an example we can use – – all players are protected from cheating by law. Even a virtual casino pays taxes to the state. This means that only licensed software is used for its activities, which signalize that owners of the casino don’t have a “key” to tweak the games to their advantage.


Myth #2: Beginners are luckier than the rest of the players!

This statement has a right to exist: The more visitors come to the casino, the more it will make a profit. And, from an economic point of view it is necessary to do something to make people want to gamble. More gambling establishments have chosen to attract visitors by creating various bonuses for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with gambling – newbies. They are offered various bonuses, extra money when you credit your personal account, a certain number of free games, etc. It should be noted that these privileges go only to those who spend money on the casino, not just playing free demo games.


Myth #3: It is impossible to win big money in casinos!

Gambling is not an option where winning is achieved by thinking through strategies and sequences of moves (with the exception of some card games). From the beginning and to this day casino winnings are determined only by His Majesty Lord Chance. Visiting the casino should be for the purpose of a pleasant pastime and distraction from everyday life. And fortune will decide whether you are lucky or not.