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In 2019, there was another increase in the use of mobile devices. Over 60% of gamers prefer to access gaming sites on mobile phones. The easier access that phones and tablets offer us has become a major marketing trend, taken over by the biggest gambling brands casino online 2021 pe casinoHEX Romania.


Their main mission is to build interactive applications supported by popular operating systems. Is it risky to bet on your mobile phone? Here is our opinion:


What are the advantages of playing on a smartphone?

Of course, free use of the platform, wherever we are, is the strongest feature of mobile betting. It gives us accessibility and the opportunity to play our favorite games, regardless of time and place. In the ’90s, when the only entertainment was brick and mortar casinos. An entertainment method that not only takes your time but also limits your diversity. Online casino games can be tried in the free version, on the net we find many variations of slots from different software developers, then offline, and the increase of blackjack and roulette offer is visible in all platforms. Mobile bonuses that only target users who use a smartphone or tablet are no longer very rare. Bonuses and offers include free spins or deposit bonuses, usually 100% on the first deposit.

In addition to facilitating our favorite entertainment, we must also mention the adaptability of mobile applications. They are based on the latest technological innovations, are based on a responsive design that adapts to the resolution and size of the screen, and the clean structure helps to facilitate the orientation between sports betting and casino sections. And most importantly, betting applications are completely free, using minimal memory for the benefit of the user. You can get them on the casino’s website or from the official iTunes store if you’re an Apple device user.


How long do we play via our mobile device?

It is difficult to analyze because it is strictly individual. Not everyone is positive about portable devices and their smaller size. In some cases, this complicates betting, even for purely physical reasons. The participant does not manage with the reduced buttons, which prevents placing bets.

But these are rather exceptions. Most gambling enthusiasts enjoy casino gaming experience and spend hours playing their favorite slots. What is certain is that laptops are easily portable these days, but mobile devices are an even more convenient option, predisposing people to use them even when they are in bed. This is precisely what leads to an increase in mobile gambling and, consequently, to higher profits for casino brands. We accept the convenience and luxury of applications, but we are firmly behind betting control and regulation. Choose to play only on mobile casino platforms, regulated by ONJN.


What are the benefits of desktop betting?

Despite the advent of mobile applications, desktop versions remain one of the most popular betting methods. There are several reasons:

  • Access to certain slots – some of the slots are only available in desktop mode;
  • Blocking functionality – such a practice is rare, but some companies impose restrictions on the use of functions and accessories through a mobile device;
  • Restriction of payment methods – Specific bookmakers limit the way money is deposited and withdrawn through portable versions and applications. Although rare, there are companies that ban billing and powering through mobile devices. This requires the use of the full version of the site.


Where to look if we bet on the phone

The most important thing is to control your bets and play responsibly. Mobile phones allow us to be constantly connected to the internet, which on the one hand is good, but on the other hand, it has a detrimental effect on our budget. The more we bet, the more likely the House will win. If you’re betting on a mobile app, you’ll need to keep track of updates to get the best features in a timely manner. Betting app updates are common, so choose automatic update for a new version. Playing from a mobile device is simple and that is why it has become the preferred method for many gambling fans. However, when providing personal information online, you need to ensure that you have an Internet connection that is not only stable but also secure.