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When it comes to men’s fashion and style, it is a general truth that there are not many options to choose from. Compared to the women’s fashion that has a lot to display, ranging from the many flashy colours to a variety of styles to choose from, men’s fashion has been largely limited to watches, jewellery, and cufflinks.

With the presence of smartphones and digital clocks, the need for a wristwatch seems to be waning with each passing day. However, you must have in mind that this is one item that can never go out of style. 

To pose as a man who knows his onions when it comes to style, these are some watch collections you would not want to miss from your must-haves.

1. Panerai Watches

One of the most notable Italian watch brands that scream elegance is the Panerai Watch. Traced back to the 1860s this is one brand that has stood out from others for its relevance and class. Back in the time of World War II, this watch brand had been in existence and even used by Navy divers on underwater missions that were secretive.

Since its inception till now, this timepiece has grown in its accomplishments by producing elegant timepieces with a sprinkle of artistic touches to make it pose as popular models.

Two models – the Panerai Luminor and Panerai Radiomir are some of the exquisite models produced by this brand. If you love to add a touch of style to his dressing, then this is one timepiece you need to get you started in that journey.

2. Rolex Submariner

You will no doubt agree that some outdoor activity once in a while is a great deal of fun and a good way to spend time. It is also a good way to ease off stress from work or tasks that may have had you reined in.

One recreational activity a good amount of men enjoy is diving. Not only is it fun, but it is also quite relaxing to feel submerged in the depths of the waters.

Are you a man who loves to go diving, or probably take some time off to cool his head and relax his aching muscles? If you often get worried about having your watch destroyed in the process or not having one on to tell the time of the day you are in, then this is for you. 

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most celebrated of all the diving watches – a legendary icon that has stood the test of time and served the purpose for which it was manufactured. Built with exquisite designs and exceptional quality, this watch model is a great fit for diving underwater. It has a resistance level that ensures it is not vulnerable to damage when exposed to moisture.

This model falls under the category of timepieces worn by outstanding people, like Robert Redford and Steve McQueen.

Wondering why you should get this? A Rolex branded watch is by far one of the most sought-after watches in the market, as such you don’t want to give up on getting this timepiece. 

Furthermore, it features materials that are only relatively found in aeronautics high-end engineering.

3. Dress Watch

Just as the name implies, a dress watch matches the right outfit and adds class to your status. It could be paired with a formal outfit or even a less casual one, but enough to have it do its job.

One characteristic of a dress watch is the clear surface or axial, a small case manufactured from precious metals, and a solid leather strap. These attributes sum up to make the watch exude elegance as it balances on your wrists.

A man who understands style is one who had the necessary knowledge of what a timepiece stands for. It is more than just a timepiece because it displayed the owner’s personality, taste, wealth, and even sense. Watches like Rolex, Tudor, and Hublot fall under this category

Before choosing a dress watch, here are few things to note:

  • Keep it simple. In men’s fashion, the trend is that less is more. Rocking a huge chronograph or aeronautical watch on your wrist will not only look awkward but will distract the attention from you and place it on your watch. This isn’t ideal. Choose a simple yet classy watch. 
  • Use complementary accessories: You may feel that having a watch is the ultimate deal to your appearance. The fact is this – you will always need to compliment your looks with other accessories. 
  • Think of getting a watch that allows you to match it with other accessories like jewelry, a bowtie, or even a lapel. These complimentary accessories should be just that – complimentary! The aim is not to create an optical illusion with your look, but to further enhance your appearance. Choose wisely.

4. Casual Watch

Just as we have the formal watches that go with a formal outfit, there is provision made for a casual watch to rock with casual outfits. It doesn’t have to be baggy jeans and polos, anything less formal is just perfect. 

You should wear a casual timepiece when stepping out to grab a bite with friends, watching your favorite game, partying, or running errands. They don’t stress – pretty easy to strap on and walk out the door. Plus, the crystal ear surface ensures that it doesn’t scratch or wear easily. 

Another remarkable feature here is that it allows ample opportunity for flexibility, yet, it still adds to your graceful appearance and style. A watch brand like Hublot manufactures amazing watch models that are easy and far from bulky to carry around.

Opting for huge mechanical watches when going on games or drinks sure looks a little off – maybe too serious – hence the need for something more lax yet still elegant. 


Again, men’s fashion doesn’t make enough room for flexibility. You have to use the little options you’re given and maximize them to the best of your ability. And what better way than to start with these tips? So, be sure to visit to score great deals on your next watch purchase!