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Due to the ongoing pandemic, people have no choice but to keep themselves safe and healthy by staying at home. And that also means online classes, online and home businesses, and work from home. This is the new normal and has caused a significant shift in the lifestyle and workstyle of almost everyone. Now, almost everyone can adapt well to this change.

As for office work, employees no longer have to travel long hours every day to get to their building and back home because they work from home from now on. It is a very convenient set if you ask—no need to spend money on food outside, gas, and whatnot. However, there are some instances when we find it challenging to balance work and our personal life because of the change of environment. Sometimes we can’t draw the line between our time and space with our work and vice versa. This is one reason for our unproductivity, stress, and disorientation. 

In resolving this, you need an upgrade for your home office. Creating a clear area for work at home will help you in distinguishing what is for work and what is not. So we’ll have to start with a good workstation. A clean and organized space for work will boost your productivity and time management. To start, you need to put all your work stuff and clutter in place. Here are a couple of home office basic storage ideas for your work stuff.

Office Cabinets

For starters, first things first, you need big storage to put your work-related stuff in place, like a cabinet. Having a specific assigned area for your things not only tidies up your space but also keeps your things safe. It also helps condition your mind to put the stuff back where it should be after using it. A crucial problem workers face usually in any home office is essential office stuff getting misplaced and lost because we sometimes get disoriented and juggle the things in our home and work. With cabinets, your stuff will be well kept and in order. This is perfect for placing the bulk of office supplies, files, equipment, etc. in an intact area and also unnecessary stuff out of sight. You can label the cabinet sections or drawers with stickers so you can find anything easily. A great investment for a functional and office-friendly space! You can scroll through a variety of office storage cabinets online and in physical stores to get one in your taste and liking.


  1. Open Shelves

Another sure upgrade to your workspace is getting customized open shelves. They are very easy to build and assemble! Mainly this one’s for placing things that you need within your reach because they are easy to see and find. However, it is also a great addition to add flavor and charm to your home office. Of course, we must make our space functional to the best of our ability, but what boosts our productivity more than ever is an attractive-looking office. On open shelves, you can place books, magazines, picture frames, vases as well for aesthetic purposes. You can find them in almost any furniture store, some offer installation services but if you purchase online, you are most likely the one who has to assemble it yourself. No worries, it can be done by anyone, no sweat!

Cable Organizer

Cables and wires from electronic devices everywhere can be unpleasant to the eyes. It also adds up to the stress at work! Getting a cable organizer for your cords will surely be a game-changer! Now the electronic wires sprawling on your desk and the floors will be in one place and can be hidden depending on the storage you have. Visible or not, at least they’ll look tidy and unprepossessing in your workspace. You can just simply mount a cable organizer under your desk to wrap and store your cables and cords. Definitely one worth-purchasing!

Mugs or Glass Jars

If the budget is tight and you can’t afford to spend more on big furniture, we can always improvise! You can use the stuff in your home to upgrade your office as well! Mugs and jars have always been classic desk organizers. Depending on their sizes, you can put in your pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, paper clips, fasteners, thumbtacks, business cards, and other miscellaneous small objects in your home office. They can be placed on your desk but it’s also nice to have one on your cabinets or open shelves. If it brings you a good mood, feel free to personalize your mugs by drawing on them or writing down motivational statements using markers.

  1. Countertop Desk Organizer

A countertop desk organizer is also very handy especially for home office space since we spend the most time on our desk. A tidy organized desk helps clear our mind, which is what we need with all the information we intake in working. Working on a cluttered-looking desk will never do any good. We work on our desk, so the view that we see at work is not only our computer screens but the overall situation of our desk as well. Having a countertop organizer will put your mail, files, sticky notes, pads, office supplies, etc., that you have on your desk in order. It is always nice working in a clean and tidy space!



Whether you have fully adjusted to the new normal or are still getting there, there is no need to pressure yourself too much in achieving your ideal home office space. You should know that everyone has their phase in coping with everything that has been happening. Before spending and getting the organizers and furniture you want and need for your workspace, it is important to plan first and set a budget. This will help you with the office upgrade effectively. At the end of the day, whatever will be the appearance of your space, you are in control of the working environment you make.