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With Valentine’s week soon approaching, if you are looking for ways to dress up and fashion up a surprise outfit for your partner, then styling suspender belts might be the best option for you. Taking a closer look at suspender belt sets can elevate your look and also make you feel kinky at the same time. You can now wear the best new suspenders belts for yourself. 


These styling tips will help you regardless of your level of expertise, whether you are a seasoned pro or a first timer when it comes to wearing suspender belts. 


Where to wear your suspender belt set?


Regardless of the kind of suspender belts style you prefer, whether a traditional one or a waspie one – the best place to wear these are on the smalls of one’s waist. The best use of your waist’s curves to make your partner lust over you sensually by wearing the suspender belt sets that can create a perfect hourglass silhouette. In order to get them onto your waist, loosen them and put them on. This will make it easier to adjust the stocking and the six strap suspender belts. 


How to Attach the Stockings to the Suspender Belts?


In order to attach the stockings to your suspender belt, do so prior to putting them on. Firstly, clip the stocking in place and then put them on. Doing so will help avert the creation of unnecessary and awkward attachment with the back clips. This holds true, especially if you are attempting to do so after getting a couple of cold drinks into your system. 


Another great advice would be to wear seamed stockings. The running line at the back of the stocking will look especially bomb on anyone who is wearing them – the beginner and the pro alike. 

Wear the Full Set

Regardless of the kind of shapewear you choose to wear, a brief or a thong, they will look marvellous with your suspender belt sets, especially the red suspender belt that you can choose to adorn yourself with. By wearing the chosen thong or undergarment over the top of your suspender belts, you can easily remove them in due course. Doing so can save plenty of time when it comes to getting your kink on or saving a huge dilemma in the bathroom. 


Pairing them with Hold Ups


If wearing stockings is not something you prefer, and you’d much rather wear a bodysuit, even then you can easily pair them up with matching suspender belts. Hold-ups often tend to slide down one’s leg, especially if the leg is well moisturized, slick, oiled or greasy. The moisturization could also help the silicone band ends to hold up rather than slide down. You could carry hand cream to moisturize, in case your stockings are falling off.