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Gardening is a medicine for our souls and the perfect stress relief for our minds.

While we spend a lot of time gardening in our backyard, we also love decorating our porches with large planters. The amazing and classy look it gives to our homes when observing from the street is the main reason why we plant in large planters in the first place. 

Large planters at are a perfect choice if you want to make pedestrians turn heads whenever passing by your house. However, buying one will not be enough- growing something in it will take a little bit more effort. 

If you want to make that WOW effect that you’re going for, you should first learn the basics of gardening in large planters. And, before getting underway, don’t forget to protect your investment and keep wildlife out with a garden fence.

In this article, you’ll learn about basic tips on how to do it successfully.

Choosing the Right Spot

The most important thing your plants will need is the sun. Without it, there’s no point in starting anything because it wouldn’t be as effective as it should.

Choosing the perfect place for your large planter is important before you start adding soil to it. 

The planter itself is heavy enough, even without the plants and soils. Before starting adding, think about where will be the perfect place for your plant that will go well with the color of surroundings while still having enough sun. 

If you want everybody to admire your work, find a place that’s visible from the street view. Like that, everybody can enjoy the sight made by your hands.

Adding the Soil

After you’ve finally decided on the perfect spot for your large planter, the next step will be adding soil. 

Our biggest tip on this matter is that you shouldn’t fill the entire planter with soil. The reason for saying this is that your plants won’t use the soil all the way on the bottom. 

The roots will only reach the top layer, and all the valuable soil on the bottom will go to waste. We recommend adding a cut piece of plastic or cardboard on top of the filler to separate it from the soil on top. A lightweight filler will be perfect for raising the level and not wasting expensive soil. 

Make sure you don’t put a toxic material when choosing a filler because that will ruin your whole work.

Choosing the Plants

When choosing the plants for your large planter, you should get annual plants that won’t overgrow after some time. Alternatively, you can also go for those plants that won’t grow at all. 

Planters were not designed for growing large trees or anything similar to that. When choosing a plan, it’s always wise to read more about the conditions you need to have for that specific plant. 

Maybe, the location you chose is not optimal for the plant you’re going for, and you might reconsider your choice. 


Too much watering is never a good thing for your plants. Finding the right amount of water you should add might sometimes be tricky. 

The looks can be deceiving because the soil on the very top might look in mint condition. However, the layer just under might be drier because of the roots. 

The best way to figure out if you need to add more water is by sticking your finger deeper in the soil. If you feel that the soil needs more water, carefully add some more without overwatering it. 

If you overwater, the soil plants will have trouble absorbing oxygen, and they might die.

Changing the Soil Annually

Changing the soil is something that you should always keep in mind. Without changing it, your plants will lose the nutrients it needs for growing healthy

We’re not saying you should do this all the time, but you should at least do it once per year. The best time is around springtime, when everything is about to grow and bloom. A fresh soil will guarantee your plants will grow faster and much healthier in your large planter. 

Changing it shouldn’t be a problem if you took our advice and used filler on the bottom. Like that, you’ll change the soil in no time. 

If you need help doing it, don’t be shy to ask for help, because we’re all aware of how large planters can be heavy even without any soil in them.

The Bottom Line

Gardening will bring joy to your life. 

If you haven’t started yet, and planting in a large planter is your first experience, you’re in for a treat. It will make you fall in love with it. 

Use what you’ve learned today and make that first step for entering a wonderful world of gardening.