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The Importance of Post Office to American Democracy

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There are very few governments that have successfully maintained their postal services like the US. The United States Postal Service is one crucial department in the government. It dates back to colonial times when the Americas fought for independence from the British colonizer.

The department has only grown more vital and more significant over time. Such is not common to organizations that operate, not for profit, but service to the people. If that is not what democracy is all about, then there might be another meaning unknown to the people.

The service remains to promote democracy all over the United States and its citizens without discrimination. 

It Served a Great Purpose in the Colonial Period

In 1775, before independence in the United States, the US officials used to communicate through the post offices. It ensured total discretion, an essential factor in the fight for freedom. It provided unity between colonies, something that led to overpowering the British superpowers.

It was a reliable means of communication, assuring that the message sent would eventually reach the destination. Back then, there were very few post offices, unlike today, with thousands of them like the Portland Post Office across the states. 

In fact, it’s safe to say it helped the United States gain independence in 1776. It served as a great tool to deliver freedom, which brought about democracy.

Its Expansion and Service Delivery Ensures Proper Communication

After independence, the postal service would serve democracy by promoting civic education. It was a means of educating the people on their laws and avoiding misrepresentation. This also helps keep leaders on their toes, with citizens aware of their rights. That is the main goal of democracy.

Over the years, hundreds of post offices developed across different states to reach as many people as possible. The post office supplied newspapers to other parts of the states at a reduced cost to ensure most people could afford it. The move promoted civic education.

The government later introduced the Rural Free Delivery service to reach as many people that lived in rural areas. People then moved to different places carrying with them civic knowledge. They would then share the experience with their new neighbors. Leaders of organizations would then send information to the new settlers to help establish charters in their newfound homes. The move promoted the creation of more post offices.

The Service’s Loyalty to its People Represents Democracy

Unlike many British post offices, the United States Post Offices did not aim for profit. Their main agenda was to promote secure and reliable means of communication. Through the reduced pressure to make more money, the US post office expanded faster than the British post office.

The service just wanted to serve their people and do it at the lowest cost possible. It was not even shaken by emerging technology. It saw the coming and disappearing of the telegram, the emergence of fax, and the recent introduction of telephone and mobile phones.

Many predicted the post offices’ disappearance just like many technologies, but it has stood the test of time. It has developed stronger roots that will enable its service delivery for many more years to come.

It Brings People Together

As shocking as this could seem, it is true. The service brings people together through communication. More directly, post offices are some of the few places people get to meet in many rural parts of the US. It could be when collecting their cards, newspapers, or the most recent voting event in the US.

In a country with evolving technology, the postal service reminds its citizen of their journey to independence. 

The Post Office Promoted Success of the 2020 US Election

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With the current pandemic that has made gatherings a thing of the past, the post office was one of the very few ways elections could be performed.  It helped avoid unnecessary traveling to far off places to vote, avoiding gatherings and interaction. Through it, many people exercised their democratic right to vote while keeping safe.

Mail voting would not have been predictable a few years back, but being ready for such a time when it would come in handy, was a necessary move. Some activities cannot be postponed to a later date, like voting for new leaders, and it helped serve the purpose right.

Final Word

The postal service is a department that is key to the success of American democracy. The above ways are just some of the ways it has facilitated the delivery and exercise of democracy. Without it, many achievements wouldn’t be realized. 

Formed before its inception and serving the same government centuries later, the postal service holds a special place to the American population. If it is well kept, it may benefit many more centuries to come.