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If you’ve ever considered being a makeup artist, freelancing is definitely the best option for you. You can set your own hours, pay rate, and you can even choose your own clients. You are not prohibited by contracts from salons and you can do what you want to do.

This is pretty much the goal of people who are studying to get a makeup certification. The only problem is that landing that dream job is not as easy as you think because like you, all the other students who are studying in the school have the same goal in mind.

We listed down some of the things that you should know if you plan to pursue a career in makeup artistry.

Why Choose a Freelance Makeup Artist Career?

There are so many reasons why being a freelance makeup artist is the choice of many people, but we will only list down some of the best benefits of this career.

  • Flexible Schedule: You can choose what day you want to work and you have the opportunity to set your own hours. If you don’t like working in the evening, you can set your hours and your clients will respect that.
  • Improve your Contacts: When you are doing freelance makeup, you also meet other people. You can get to know them and probably land a potential job in the future.
  • Earn More: Yes, freelance makeup can help you earn more money. Although the owners of salons can definitely make more money, being a freelance makeup artist would allow you to maximize your time and book as many clients as you want in a day or week.

How to Start a Career as a Makeup Artist

If you want to become a makeup artist, the first thing to do is to study in a makeup artist school. Although there are a lot of self-taught artists, it would be difficult to further your career if you don’t have any certifications. Here we can either make parallels with tattoo artists. If you want to become a famous tattoo artist first you need to study in a tattoo school, get some certifications after which you can make a huge amount of clients. 

You can get certifications while honing your skills. You can attend online and offline training and learn continuously. A lot of new techniques and knowledge are introduced to these training and you should always be updated if you want your clients to trust you.

You need to have a professional makeup kit. Always remember that your clients don’t have their makeup kits so you need to invest in a professional makeup kit not only to impress them but also to provide the best possible services for your clients.

Things to Consider When Starting the Business

If you are going to start a makeup business, make sure that you understand the intricacies of this particular business venture. Since you are a freelance makeup artist, you need to know all the things that your business needs to operate properly.

  • Top-of-the-line makeup kits
  • Target market
  • Advertisement
  • Setting up your website
  • Communication channels

Tips to Start a Makeup Business

Your makeup business will not flourish if you don’t have any idea how to start or what you are going to do to get clients. We will give you a few simple tips on how to keep your business afloat.

Be Active on Social Media Channels

You need to have a specific social media account that would handle all the inquiries of your future clients. You need to set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Grow your Online Network

You need to build up your online following because it would help spread the word about your services. If you have a lot of likes or followers on your social media accounts, it would be easier for people to find you.

How to Find Customers

For finding customers, focus on the local market. You should start with your friends and relatives and offer them services. Let them know that you are offering freelance makeup services. Your services would spread around your area through word of mouth and many people will start inquiring about your services.

You can also find clients on the Internet. Since you’ve already set up your social media channels, you will find out that a lot of people will try to reach out to you through your social media accounts.

Becoming a freelance makeup artist is extremely difficult and it requires a lot of dedication to succeed. If you plan to pursue this type of career, don’t lose hope and always push forward. Improve your knowledge and skills and grow your network.