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During these times, people are looking for more indoor activities and it’s simply the better option for many. There are also people in quarantine and lockdowns and they can only really rely on the internet to have some sort of entertainment. Many then consider playing casino games.

If you’re someone who is thinking of finally playing real money games, there may be a few reasons why you’re still hesitant about it. It could be because you are wondering whether online casinos are fair when it comes to the games that they are offering.

You can be smart and start with playing free slots and other casino games, but will that be a fair move? How can you be sure and comfortable that a casino game is not rigged? What are the things you should know before getting into casino gaming online? We’re here to clear this out for you.

Are Casino Games Rigged?

There may be people who are telling you that casino games are a waste of time, especially the ones online. They are probably saying that this is because online games are rigged anyway. However, this is a myth that should be debunked by now.

Yes, it is possible that fishy online casinos aren’t fair to their players but trusted and legit online casinos will never be unfair to their players. This is because if casinos have games that are rigged, they would no longer be operating and offering services to people.

Trusted online casinos get randomly checked when it comes to the fairness of the games that they offer. In the first place, they will also not get a license to operate if they don’t carry out independent testing of the Random Number Generators or RGNs that they use in their casino games.

An RGN is what produces the outcome of a game. Think of an online slot machine game. This sort of game uses RGN to make sure that it only produces random results every time a player hits the spin button. It is indeed programmed but only for the sake of fairness. It’s impossible to predict the next outcome of your spin because of the RGN. You can only really tell the likelihood of getting high amounts of wins based on the Return to Player percentage. However, this still won’t guarantee you a win.

Some casino software providers also already use blockchain technology when it comes to ensuring transparency of the fairness of a certain game. This technology is popularly used on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Because of this, crypto users can easily track the movement of their digital currency. With that, casino games that use this technology enable people to check the randomness of the results of the games that they play.

Now, you also have to consider the type of game that you will play when it comes to the fairness of the game. For example, a game of slots that use an RNG is never rigged and no one will cheat on you if you play it.

However, for card games like poker and blackjack, things are a bit different because you are playing against a dealer and with other players. Some players make use of strategies that casinos find unfair like card counting.

Card counting is usually used in the game of blackjack and while it is an effective strategy for both a player or the dealer. Card counters would keep a running tally of all high and low valued cards that are already seen by the player.

With this, card counters can then bet more when the count finally gives an advantage. This could significantly give a player an advantage and at the same time remove the risks that are involved when it comes to playing any casino table game.

it is something that casinos frown upon on. It’s not illegal in the United States but casinos are allowed to ban players who are caught doing this strategy. This is not a great idea whether you’re playing a card game online or not. Online casinos could ban you forever and land casinos won’t even allow you to enter the premises if you’re caught doing this.


Overall, playing casino games online is now safe and you don’t have to worry about how fair the games will be as long as you are playing on a trusted casino site. The best that you can do is to research the best online casinos out there to make sure that you only play fair real money games.