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Gambling has been around for centuries, yet the myths, misunderstandings, and misconceptions surrounding the popular pastime still continue. We are going to sort the fact from fiction and debunk the biggest gambling myths out there. It’s never too late to learn the truth about gambling.


Myth 1: Online Games are Rigged

This is quite a popular opinion amongst those who are skeptical of casino games, yet it is 100% false. At licensed casinos, the games are completely random both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos. Many online games include a random number generator (RNG) that is controlled by an algorithm, ensuring that outcomes are completely unplanned and random.

In fact, if casino games were rigged, this would come at a disadvantage to the casino itself. To start with, the probabilities favor the house anyway, so there is little incentive to rig the games themselves. On top of this, news of people winning large jackpots helps to market that particular casino, increasing player attendance and therefore long-term profitability of the casino.

Myth 2: Slots Pay Out Periodically

This myth is also false for the reason of the RNG. If a slot doesn’t payout for a while, this will have no effect on what is going to happen on the next spin. There are no patterns with slots, and a previous spin will have no influence on the next outcome. The truth is that every outcome is completely down to chance, and machines are often audited and inspected to ensure this remains the case.

Myth 3: Winning is Pure Luck

We have mentioned that slot outcomes are down to chance and this myth is, therefore, true in some cases. However, casinos will regularly offer large bonuses that often give the player free spins or more money to play with. Whilst the outcome itself is still down to chance, these offers can provide a good way of increasing the chances of winning and provide risk-free profits. Read more and discover the top sites offering the best casino bonuses in Canada.  For table games and skill-based games, winning comes from having a good strategy and lots of practice. Poker is a clear example and it can take years of training before reaching the big leagues. Blackjack is a simpler game; however blackjack strategies can still reduce the house edge and increase the player’s chance of winning.

Myth 4: Gambling Sites are Unsafe

Some people believe that casino sites are large targets for cybercrime, and that hackers can easily get into the online casino systems and steal your financial data and banking details.  In fact, the reality is the complete opposite. Nowadays, making a transaction at an online casino is just as safe as an online bank transfer. Casino operators employ some of the most powerful security measures around the world. All data is, of course, encrypted and supported by the latest technology.

Myth 5: Gambling is Illegal

This statement is both true and false. There are indeed some countries around the world that have completely banned casinos, but this number is not high. Even countries such as Canada, that don’t support private operators setting up casinos on their land, still permit players to use offshore sites. To ensure that you are playing at a legal casino site, always check that the casino is licensed and regulated by a recognized gambling authority.