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— Majesty & Elize Gayle to make affordable housing eco friendly, socially conscious and modern. —

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Majesty and Elize are the founders of Evo Fund; an ESG Fund and private equity firm that develops property. With the support of 3,000 “EVOPIA” members, they have moved forward to build an affordable, sustainable, container home community in Atlanta, GA.

Evo Haven is their housing solution. Evo Haven aims to end the global housing crisis by developing sustainable property using recycled materials and green energy sources.

Majesty and Elize are currently accepting partnerships to build sustainable cities and communities.

The duo has captured the attention of several media outlets and have become a center of attraction in the industry. This couple has managed to generate $1.5 million in revenue their first year of business, which has resulted in them breaking preconceived notions and barriers while working efficiently for the good of the community.

Unlike other companies, they focus on creating value that is well recognized by the community and build on tangible resources, like cost-effective shelter; helping them meet the needs of the people they serve.

“I want to go to the worst areas within a metropolis and improve the conditions because such areas have a massive impact on the people who reside there. If we enhance the living conditions of those locales, people will elevate their mindsets and make better decisions that can serve their best interests,” Majesty remarked.

The couple provides green, socially conscious real estate projects in metropolitan communities and rural environments. They also provide life-sustaining resources for residents of extremely low economic status. Follow the couple on Instagram @majesty_elize or visit for more information.

Evo Haven is a product of EVOPIA


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