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VIENNA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A repeat of the travel chaos seen at Europe’s borders this summer can be avoided in spite of surging coronavirus cases, according to Anyline, an leading provider of contactless data capture technology.

As countries prepare for an increase in border crossings during the winter holidays, the Austrian tech firm has launched Europe-wide driving licence scanning to enable police and border security to instantly register driver information on their smartphones, while maintaining social distancing.

“Digitizing ID verification is essential to ensure tracking and tracing information is collected quickly and accurately” said Anyline CEO Lukas Kinigadner. “With contactless data capture integrated into their own smartphones, police and border security can scan both vehicle license plates and the driver’s personal information on their phones, ensuring traveler safety while avoiding the queues seen at the border this summer.”

The firm’s technology is already used by over 100,000 officers around the world, including police forces across Austria and Germany, and is currently being piloted by other European forces.

Instant and accurate visitor registration for businesses

For restaurants, hotels, offices and hospitals, visitor registration is now the de facto tactic for fighting the spread of the virus. Using the same technology, customers will be able to instantly complete online forms on entrance into any location in a matter of seconds.

Kinigadner remarked: “contactless data capture represents a lifeline for businesses of any size that needs to contact guests who have visited their premises. Our technology is trusted by major brands around the world to provide a safe and reliable ID scanning.”


About Anyline

Founded in Vienna in 2013, Anyline is a market leader in mobile OCR and barcode data capture. Using innovative artificial intelligence approaches, Anyline scanning solutions offer unrivaled accuracy and versatility, reading everything from IDs to utility meters and even tire identification numbers.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Anyline has partnered with a wide variety of companies to limit the effects of the virus. In Austria, Anyline is working with Lead Horizon, to provide a simple solution for registration when administering self-testing kits for COVID-19. Further afield, the United Nations World Food Programme is using this technology to dramatically improve the provision of aid to those communities most affected by the pandemic.


Michael Wilkinson

Anyline Head of PR

[email protected]

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