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WILMINGTON, Del.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Following the results of last night’s Delaware Primary election, Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion (CTI) Spokesman Chris Coffey released the following statement:

“The results from last night’s primary made one thing perfectly clear: Delawareans are sick and tired of the corrupt ‘Delaware Way’ that has protected entrenched interests for years and maintained a rigged status quo that lifts the elite up while keeping hard-working men and women down.

“All across the state, Delawareans took to the ballot box to reject incumbent candidates who have failed to respond to their needs or address the issues that matter to them. Voters ousted Dave McBride, a 40-year Senate veteran who stood in the way of reform and progress on numerous occasions. He’s part of the entrenched system and he lost last night. We wish him the best in his retirement. At the same time, voters elected to send the first Muslim woman and first transgender woman to the state legislature, sending a resounding message to the Delaware establishment that they demand change.”

“No one represents the failed Delaware establishment more than Governor Carney, whose failures on issues like police reform, judicial accountability, and COVID-19 response have endangered the health and economic well-being of Delaware’s most vulnerable communities. He has demonstrated time and time again that his only focus as Governor is maintaining the status quo at the expense of Delaware’s low-income residents and communities of color.”

“Whether it’s failing to provide adequate healthcare or personal protective equipment to inmates in Delaware prisons, giving millions of dollars in government contracts and no-bid legal fees go to scandal-ridden elite firms like Skadden Arps, or refusing to bring real diversity to Delaware’s top courts, where only 15% of judges are people of color, Governor Carney has consistently failed Delawareans.”

“As Governor Carney continues his quest for re-election, we are committed to holding him accountable to all of his constituents, not just the elite few and the entrenched interests at the expense of normal Delawareans.”

Citizens for Transparency and Inclusion is a Political Action Committee that promotes transparency, accountability, diversity, and inclusion in Delaware’s state government and court system. Learn more at CitizensPac.DE.


Chris Coffey, [email protected]

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