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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recently, XnMatrix-the next-generation cloud computing platform and IPFS distributed storage eco-system launch meeting was held in Haikou. Experts and scholars in the fields of digital economy and financial technology, elites in the distributed storage industry, industrial investment institutions, and representatives of cloud computing ecological applications will gather together to discuss the current and futuristic development of IPFS distributed storage and digital economy around the “Computing Power the New Infrastructure and Digital the New Eco-System.”

“Decentralized storage and computing are the underlying layer of digital civilization, allowing the entire world to move from industrial civilization to digital civilization.” Wu Wenjie, chairman of XnMatrix, the organizer of this conference, said that computing power in the AI era will become energy and storage will become soil. Computing and storage are promoting the progress of social civilization. The advent of the digital economy poses new challenges and propositions for the next generation of cloud computing.

The highlight of this conference-the unveiling of the next-generation cloud computing platform XnMatrix, and the underlying technology ecosystem map will be presented for the first time, and the IPFS distributed storage technology achievements will be displayed altogether. Glacier Lab, X Lab, Oxford Institute of Digital Assets, as well as XnMatrix ecological enterprises such as RRMine, Drew Power, Hailian, J&M, Bitming, etc. will all appear at this conference. In addition, industry capital will jointly initiate the establishment of the IPFS Industrial Ecological Fund to inject momentum into the industry and promote the evolution of the industry’s ecology.

Ma Siyuan, XnMatrix’s secretary of the board, delivered the keynote speech of the conference’s thoughts “Starting from the Value Boundary-Four Propositions for Decentralized Cloud Computing Industry”. Relying on the four propositions of the cloud computing industry, we will gather consensus in the fields of politics, industry, academia, research, and application, comprehensively consider the industry system, and jointly draft a benchmark consensus that is more valuable to the industry, and present the value of the next-generation cloud computing platform in multiple dimensions, witness the comprehensive definition of the next generation of cloud computing value standards.

XnMatrix- Next Generation Cloud Computing Platform and IPFS Distributed Storage Eco-System Kick-off Meeting ended successfully, which had a profound impact on the industry and marked the official start of the next generation of cloud computing ecology!


Ying Zhang

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