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Inquiry Framework, procedures and rules defined

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Alberta Public Inquiry into foreign funding of anti-Alberta energy campaigns has established a framework for conducting the Inquiry’s engagement with specific parties about the information gathered to date.

“For this engagement, I have posted the Rules for Procedure and Practice, accompanied by my Ruling on Interpretation of the Terms of Reference (together, the Inquiry Framework), in order to provide clarity and formality, which will lead to findings to be contained within a final report to be sent to Alberta’s Energy Minister, and subsequently released publicly,” said Steve Allan, Commissioner of the Alberta Public Inquiry.

“I anticipate this engagement process will be conducted primarily in writing, including an exchange of correspondence and written submissions, by parties who are granted standing to review and respond to issues of interest to the Inquiry. Additional face-to-face meetings may also be conducted. I am conscious of striking a balance between the need for an efficient and cost-effective process, and the importance of ensuring parties are treated fairly and given a reasonable opportunity to respond to matters that may affect their interests,” Allan said.

The Inquiry Framework, containing the Ruling on Interpretation of the Terms of Reference and the Rules for Procedure and Practice, is posted on the Inquiry website


In July 2019, the Government of Alberta launched the Alberta inquiry, under the Public Inquiries Act, into the anti-Alberta energy campaigns that are supported by foreign organizations. Steve Allan, a Calgary forensic and restructuring accountant with 40 years of experience, was appointed as the Commissioner to lead the Inquiry.


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