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MACAU, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Chinesefilmindustry–Recently, the high-profile Aollywood Film Critics Association declared to establish in Macau, China. This is one of the film industry associations founded by Aollywood which is “Eastern Hollywood” founded in Macau, China. It is committed to speaking out for the establishment of Chinese film’s international discourse power, aesthetic standards and evaluation system. Moreover, its mission is to enable outstanding Chinese films to receive objective and fair evaluation from overseas and to help build the bridge between Chinese films and other films from all over the world.

The Aollywood Film Critics Association board members elected a new leadership team, and the chairman is the famous film critic Zhou Liming; the vice-chairmen are Mao Jian, Lie Fu, Wei Junzi, Song Ziwen, and Zuo Heng; the secretary-general is Hu Jianli. In addition, Alang was elected as the supervisor of the association and the members are senior film critics Li Xingwen, Han Haoyue, Tan Fei, Ye Hang and other 25 people. These scholars are all well-known Chinese film critics.

Zhou Liming, the chairman of the Aollywood Film Critics Association, said that film criticism is a link in the entire film ecosystem. Film critics need to provide evaluations of films, provide guidance to audiences, and provide feedback to the filmmakers. He hopes that the Aollywood Film Critics Association can help the healthy development of Chinese film industry, discover more potential successful filmmakers, recommend more excellent films, and grow together with the whole Chinese film industry.

It is also reported that the Aollywood Film Critics Association will participate in hosting of the Aollywood International Film Festival.


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