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New eModal “Empty Manager” street turn application facilitates interchange of empty containers between truckers, reduces unnecessary trips to terminals.

SOMERSET, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Advent eModal, provider of the eModal® suite of applications that simplify and accelerate the flow of cargo across the intermodal supply chain, today announced the release of “Empty Manager,” a street turn application designed to streamline the exchange of empty container equipment between trucking companies. Empty Manager digitizes what is typically a manual process, providing full visibility and traceability for all parties.

The application, which is free to use for anyone with an eModal account, allows an import trucking company to publish an empty container as available for street turn, while an export trucking company can search for available equipment in their area by size/type, ocean carrier, and other criteria. When they have found an empty matching their criteria, the export motor carrier simply reserves the container and completes the street turn. Both parties are provided instant visibility throughout the process. Future versions of the product will incorporate the ability to make an appointment for the delivery of the export load at the time of completing the street turn, digitization of the ocean carrier approval process, and other enhancements.

“Return of empty containers to the marine terminals is consistently identified by the motor carriers as a critical area of opportunity,” said Dennis Monts, COO of Advent eModal. “By reducing the number of visits to the terminals solely for the purpose of interchanging empties, the Empty Manager street turn application will benefit not only the motor carriers but also the terminal operators. We are excited to be able to provide innovative solutions like Empty Manager to the community and continue to work with stakeholders to identify additional ways to increase efficiencies in the intermodal supply chain.”

Over the last several months, Advent eModal has worked closely with the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA), California Trucking Association (CTA), Washington Trucking Association (WTA), as well as terminal operators to target solutions that can provide the highest impact to their operations. Empty Manager is an example of the results of these ongoing discussions.

“We are pleased to work with Advent eModal on the issues that impact our members as well as the larger port community,” stated Weston LaBar, CEO of HTA. “Particularly in these difficult times, open and constructive dialog is the best and only way forward. We are excited to continue the collaboration with Advent eModal to help bring technology solutions to bear on the challenges that we collectively face.”

In addition to Empty Manager, Advent eModal has also recently released enhancements to its eModal platform to address issues around empty returns. These enhancements include features to encourage dual transactions as well as discourage the hoarding of empty appointments, which sometimes occurs. Additional appointment enhancements are planned for the near future.

About Advent eModal

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