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Gambling tech firm Playtech has struck up a partnership with Buzz Bingo in a move to hand players the opportunity to compete for prizes. This has been made possible by the company’s launch of slot tournaments.

Tournaments are now accessible for all Buzz Bingo players after an exclusive launch that made the portal available to “Diamond Players” for two weeks. The usernames of players joining live tournaments are displayed on a leaderboard and every win on the pertinent slot game will earn them points that help them go up the rankings. The tournaments do not require any wagering as the partners want to ensure all players have the same chance of progression no matter their stake per spin and do not get more points for making bigger bets. The points system is based on win/stake ratio and every spin is eligible to earn points up to a certain amount.

Such a system is hardly new as online gamblers have been enjoying no deposit betting bonuses for quite some time now, with many bookmakers offering free bets and spins, especially where new signups are concerned.

“Following a highly successful exclusive period for selected players, we’re delighted to be bringing tournaments to a wider audience and offering a key point of differentiation,” Buzz Bingo head of digital operations David Swaine said in a press release.

The configuration options on Playtech’s leaderboard will also permit licensees to set a max number for qualifying bets. The group notes the intention is to promote safe gambling while and player involvement.

“A range of tournaments will be available every Wednesday from midday to midnight and, with a dedicated homepage portlet and the in-game widget, it’s easy for players to find the right one for them. With a chance to win a share of the prize pot, we’re confident players will find tournaments a doubly engaging and responsible way to play.”

Such moves are in keeping with the latest trends as it pertains to online gambling and remote casinos. Large investments are being made to improve technology that will make games more attractive to new players and more accessible to seasoned individuals.

The mobile factor is probably the one most considered as persons likely appreciate being able to participate in casino games while on the go. All of the major online bookmakers have also made betting on sports and various other events possible through the use of apps, with deposits and payouts also easily processed no matter what device is being used.

“We’re really impressed with the drive and commitment the Buzz team has shown to make Tournaments happen,” Playtech casino director James Frendo said, “ particularly the addition of the in-game widget, which the dedicated portal team has invested much time in delivering, allowing players to register for and follow the leaderboard without leaving the game environment.”

Buzz Bingo has also announced they’re slowly reopening physical locations across the UK. The company promises the “biggest, happiest, safest welcome back ever,” with more in-house prizes, as well as new breakfast, lunch and dinner sessions.