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Building on the success the company has had in transforming access to real estate debt, the company is launching the Credit Opportunity Fund to match investor demand with current market opportunities.

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PeerStreet, a platform for investing in real estate backed loans, today announced that it is launching a new fund strategy that will expand the ways investors can access real estate investments via its platform, providing them with more options to diversify, expand, and customize their real estate debt portfolios by capturing new opportunities in the space. Under this new strategy, PeerStreet is launching the Peer Street Credit Opportunity, LP (the “Credit Opportunity Fund”), which will allow investors to take advantage of changing market conditions and gain exposure to opportunities that weren’t previously available on PeerStreet, such as distressed debt, warehouse financing and subordinate investments.

“This was the next logical step in the evolution of our marketplace and provides more options for different investment preferences,” said Brew Johnson, cofounder and CEO of PeerStreet. “Just like investors on Robinhood or TD Ameritrade can choose whether to buy individual stocks, or invest in ETFs and mutual funds, we are providing similar options to our real estate investors. Our goal is to continually expand our products to serve our customers whether they are individuals, family offices, RIAs, or institutions.”

PeerStreet pioneered fractional investing in real estate loans via its marketplace, making the process of buying into real estate loans similar to buying stocks. To date, PeerStreet has focused on providing the tools and resources investors need to select, buy, and build their own real estate debt portfolios – though the ability to invest in funds has been a frequent request from investors. The launch of this new fund strategy furthers PeerStreet’s mission to continuously unlock value for investors.

“PeerStreet investors are already, in essence, creating their own curated funds either manually or through our automated investing features. But some investors have made it clear that they would prefer to deploy larger amounts of capital at once into different strategies. We are giving them an easy way to do that,” said Brett Crosby, cofounder and COO of PeerStreet. “This strategy allows us to match investors to shifting opportunities that are made available through our nationwide network of lenders.”

PeerStreet’s growth recently earned the company a place within the top 25 in Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast 500 Ranking of fastest-growing technology companies and by Forbes as a top startup employer in the world. With recent recognition for both its award-winning culture and technological innovation, PeerStreet has continually adapted as it has grown to capitalize on a clear need in the mortgage finance space for easy, transparent real estate debt investing.


PeerStreet is a technology platform that democratizes access to real estate debt investments. The company’s unique technology-driven marketplace enables investors to diversify their capital in a fixed-income asset class that had previously been difficult for individuals to access.

Loans are sourced from vetted private lenders throughout the United States who often have regional real estate expertise and long-term borrower relationships. PeerStreet enables these lenders to expand their lending capital, empowering them to make more loans, which flows through to borrowers who in turn improve their local communities—one house at a time. As of February 2020, PeerStreet has had over $3.5 billion transacted on its platform. PeerStreet was founded in 2014 and is backed by such renowned venture capitalists as Andreeson Horowitz, World Innovation Lab and Thomvest.

Peer Street Credit Opportunity, LP is available only to accredited investors and qualified clients. Nothing in this release constitutes investment advice. Investors should consult with their financial, tax, and legal advisors before making any investment decisions and to determine whether this fund is suitable to their financial position and investment preference.

Any information regarding Peer Street Credit Opportunity, LP is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation of any security or any other product or service by PeerStreet or any other third party. Relevant details regarding investment opportunities are contained within the corresponding private placement memoranda for Peer Street Credit Opportunity, LP. Nothing in this release is intended to provide tax, legal, or investment advice and nothing should be construed as a recommendation to buy, sell, or hold any investment or security or to engage in any investment strategy or transaction. PeerStreet does not represent that the securities, products, or services discussed in this article are suitable for any particular investor.


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