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Petrone Associates adds linear accelerator commissioning to its core offerings with acquisition of Medical Physics of New Jersey clients

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Petrone Associates, a leader in the delivery and management of comprehensive consulting for medical physics and its subfields, is pleased to announce that it will now be serving the needs of customers of Medical Physics of New Jersey (MPNJ). MPNJ is a well-known provider of clinical linear accelerator commissioning, acceptance testing, data modeling, and related services in the northeastern U.S. Founded in the early 1980s, MPNJ has grown steadily since it incorporated in 1999, and its deal with Petrone Associates marks the latest in its decades-long evolution.

The new arrangement is a natural extension of a longstanding collaboration between the two organizations. As MPNJ owner Ken Kopecky, Ph.D., DABR, explains, “For many years we have turned to Petrone Associates because of their comprehensive offerings in all fields of medical physics. In turn, Petrone has called on us when they had a need specialized assistance in our focused field of expertise.” He continues, “Over time, it became apparent that Petrone could manage the administrative aspects of even the most complicated health system contracts, allowing our physicists to concentrate on their true talents—namely, the efficient collection and modeling of radiation data from high energy treatment machines.”

Petrone Associates CEO Thomas Petrone, Ph.D., DABR, stated, “We have always turned to Ken and his team for their technical expertise and excellent service. In combination with our infrastructure, those strengths have enabled us to collaborate on bigger and bigger projects. Together we’ve built an impressive track record of turning around new installations and maintaining existing facilities.”

For existing Petrone Associates clients, the deal means they will now enjoy MPNJ’s robust data services in the areas of commissioning, installing, and utilizing high energy treatment systems. For MPNJ clients, the deal gives them access to Petrone’s renowned imaging division, which will augment the traditional service basket of MPNJ. It also means that MPNJ expertise can be applied to newer high-energy technologies from manufacturers such as Varian and Elekta, including modalities such as proton therapy, with which Petrone has significant experience.

Both sets of clients will now be served through Petrone Associates’ management and support systems, which have been developed and refined over decades to provide the highest quality customer service. These systems, and the professionals who manage them, enable technical staff to focus fully on delivering customized, comprehensive medical physics without shouldering non-physics-related distractions.

About Petrone Associates

At the center of the medical physics establishment for more than 30 years, New York-based Petrone Associates serves clients across the eastern half of the United States and enjoys a strong reputation internationally. The firm has been growing to meet the needs of its diverse client base, which ranges from private imaging centers to large academic centers.

Petrone Associates is a private firm founded and owned by medical physicists and managed by a team of medical physicists and a seasoned administrative staff. Our mission is to provide the highest level of Physics/QA/Safety/Compliance and related services to our clients. We are able to achieve that mission by maintaining a collegial atmosphere of continuous innovation and long-term career development for our team members. Offering professional stability, excellent career pathways, and the ability to work in an array of urban and suburban settings, our focus is on long-term, sustainable growth well into successive generations.

About Medical Physics of New Jersey

Medical Physics of New Jersey was founded in the 1980s by Dr. Ken Kopecky as a full-service Radiation Oncology Medical Physics practice servicing numerous private facilities in the Northeast. After incorporating in 1999, MPNJ has continued to add clients and employees in a steady growth curve.

Over time, MPNJ’s work commissioning linear accelerators and doing their annual performance evaluations began to eclipse its clinical support work. With the purchase of redundant data acquisition systems and the addition of staff, MPNJ was able to specialize almost entirely in data collection and modeling services, which eventually replaced its clinical support division.


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