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–ION-Sei contributes to maintaining holistic health from the oral environment with high immunity–

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sanyei Corporation (Director: Masanori Teramoto)(JASDAQ:8119), based in Japan, stated, “The unique electric toothbrush, “ION-Sei“, equipped with three patented technologies will be available globally from August 2020.”

“ION-Sei” patented ionic technology effectively removes and controls the spread of bacteria on the teeth by coating your teeth with natural charge ions whilst brushing, which effectively and persistently suppresses the adhesion of the bacteria that causes plaque. ION-Sei is a trusted electric toothbrush recommended by dentists across UK, Ireland and Germany (*1).

Given the current lockdown situation, it is now more important than ever to maintain your oral hygiene, particularly in the oral cavity(*2), which is closely linked to the health of the entire body, helping to support the immune system by maintaining an environment in which viruses and bacteria cannot easily enter. Due to the current difficulty in visiting your dentist, excellent daily brushing habits are considered to be the key to preserving good health and are strongly encouraged whilst we are at home.

“ION-Sei” is a pioneering electric toothbrush that combines ionic technology with the natural elements of water and light to suppress the production of plaque, helping to reduce the risk of gum disease, decay and bacteria growth. ION-Sei have succeeded in protecting tooth enamel and reducing damage to teeth and gums by newly developing ion brushing that supports the gentle brushing of teeth and gums. The gentle brushing technique removes the need for harsh scrubbing which subsequently damages the tooth surface and enamel. In the pre-released UK and German markets, approximately 90% of customers have reported high satisfaction ratings.

ION-Sei supports the deep cleaning effects and comfort of gentle brushing with its innovative technology and multiple brushing modes, making ION-Sei unlike any other electric brushes on the market. In the first year of the global market, we will be aiming to sell 60,000 units to the consumer market.

Features of ION-Sei

  1. Ionic Brushing

    The ions generated by the patented technology effectively remove plaque and suppress the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  2. Long-lasting smoothness with two approaches

    Ions generated by patented technology ion-coat teeth and keep smooth teeth.
  3. Gentle teeth and gum

    Even 31,000 strokes, it is controlled not too strong mechanically. It makes gentle brushing on teeth and gums.


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Company Information

Established in 1946 and listed into Tokyo (JASDAQ) Stock Market in 1979, we, Sanyei Corporation, opened its first overseas base in Hong Kong in 1958. As one of the first Japanese companies to have adopted a business model that promoted global business, Sanyei provides seamless supply chain management both in name and reality and we take pride in being one of only a few leading companies engaged in the business of lifestyle-related goods.

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