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NEW DELHI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ahmadkhawajaKhawaja Holdings, a multinational holding company, is expanding into Japan as part of their 2020 multi-national expansion plan.

Khawaja Holdings has committed itself to global expansion to promote the growth of businesses all over the world. With a strong commitment to excellence, they provide businesses with the tools and assistance they need to fulfill their vision.

With a GDP of about $4.97 trillion, Japan ranks 3rd in the world with a population of almost 126 million. CEO Ahmad Khawaja is leading Khawaja Holdings in the rollout of a global expansion plan and they have set sights on Japan.

“With our existing relationships in Japan, we must begin our expansion. There is so much opportunity there for Khawaja Holdings to help companies grow and provide better products, solutions, and quality of life for the Japanese population,” said CEO Ahmad Khawaja.

He added, “We will begin by opening a main Japanese headquarters; however, most of our staff will work remotely to ensure health and quality of life. We believe in this day and age we can function at full capacity even with a predominantly remote staff. Our company is based on a foundation of trust and success.”

Khawaja Holdings has already announced expansion into several countries this year, and they show no signs of slowing down even through the Coronavirus pandemic.

CEO Ahmad Khawaja said that, as [Khawaja Holdings] expands, they maintain best practices for safety and health and continually update and innovate their processes to protect their team and their partners.

They plan to open the doors to a new Japanese office this year.

About Khawaja Holdings:

Khawaja Holdings is a multinational holding company with operations and plans for expansion in nearly every continent. We enable businesses and economies to thrive, allowing entrepreneurs and innovative companies to reach their full potential. Visit


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