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TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Concerns about the size of the deficit in today’s fiscal update, presented by Ontario’s Minister of Finance, Rod Phillips, should not be cause for concern, says CUPE Ontario’s Fred Hahn.


“These are unprecedented times and they call for unprecedented measures from government to help safeguard our communities and our economy. We need more investment and support to help Ontario continue to manage and to rebound out of this crisis. Because spending saves lives. What the pandemic has taught us is that we need more collective resources – not less. Previously, we’ve systematically underfunded our capacity to keep us safe. We can’t do that any longer. We need to learn the lesson this crisis has taught us. We need to have a serious discussion about increasing our collective revenue through progressive taxes in order to keep our communities safe. The focus, today and onward, should not be on the deficit. It should be on how we can pivot from this crisis into dealing with our collective future together.” – Fred Hahn, President of CUPE Ontario


President of CUPE Ontario, Fred Hahn



Responding to province’s fiscal update.



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