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CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MedCall Advisors, the nation’s leading tele-emergent care provider that immediately connects patients to its in-house medical group of physicians board certified in emergency medicine, is partnering with MicroGenDX to provide rapid COVID-19 testing that yields accurate results within two days.

“The groundbreaking resources we’re able to provide through this partnership are unlike anything else in the telehealth industry,” said Randy Baker, CEO of MedCall Advisors. “Providing accurate testing and immediate connection to an emergency physician allows us to move forward and safely release the grip the pandemic has held on all aspects of our lives.”

Under the direction of MedCall, sample collection kits are shipped by MicroGenDX to individuals who wish to be tested. The test is completed within minutes by collecting sputum, which requires each individual to cough and spit into a sterile sample cup. According to a Brigham and Women’s Hospital study published July 24, researchers found that sputum was more accurate than nose or throat swabs in detecting the virus. The sample is then shipped overnight to the lab where results are processed within 24 hours. Patients are immediately notified of results and those who test positive are connected to a MedCall physician within minutes for a virtual health consultation.

“Having a convenient and rapid test for COVID-19 is essential to effective treatment of the virus and a return to normalcy,” said MicroGenDX CEO Rick Martin. “We are proud to partner with medical professionals across America in providing this testing that is helping individuals and businesses across America return to work, school and other key aspects of our daily lives.”

MedCall and MicroGenDX are now collaborating to create custom dashboards for learning institutions and employers who are determining the safest opportunities to return to campus and work.

The cost of the physician order and test kits shipped to your door is under $150 and includes pre-paid overnight shipping to the lab where samples are analyzed. To learn more about testing options and custom program development opportunities, please email [email protected] or visit or

About MedCall Advisors

MedCall Advisors is a revolutionary tele-emergent care medical service utilizing technology to immediately connect anyone experiencing a medical event with a board certified physician in Emergency Medicine.

About MicroGenDX

MicroGenDX is a College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited and Clinical Laboratory Improvements Amendments (CLIA) licensed clinical laboratory with more than 12 years of experience in diagnosing molecular-based, laboratory-developed tests. MicroGenDX operates a high-complexity diagnostic laboratory that uses Next Generation DNA Sequencing Technology (“NGS Technology”) – rather than the traditional approach of growing cultures – to determine the presence of and identify by their genetic markers specific micro-organisms that are the cause of infections.


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