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NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–After eight years of research and development, and three novel discoveries in mathematical optimization, F9Analytics has delivered a significant financial solution for the commercial property markets. The solution called Property Terminal CLI (available for free 90-day trial) provides Investors, Property Professionals, and Lenders, with the capability to dynamically price and re-price profitable lease contracts in seconds, while preserving financial value.

The solution for leasing provides not only optimal pricing of proposed lease contracts, but also in-place lease contracts that require modification (known as “Blend and Extend”). Because of the pandemic and the millions of lease restructurings both underway and contemplated, F9Analytics Property Terminal delivers a timely remedy for a stressed market seeking preservation of value.

According to John J. Cona, Chief Executive Officer, “The solution is a manifestation of our efforts to bring financial innovation to property investors whose demand for real-time dynamic lease pricing is driven, if nothing else, by its necessity to negotiate in real-time and execute profitable leases with little margin for error.”

The solution delivers the following:

  • Provides Investors, Property Professionals, and Lenders, with unparalleled financial lease pricing and re-pricing by incorporating time-value-of-money net effective rent with F9Analytics robust mathematical optimization
  • Beyond the archaic limitations of Excel Modeling, Property Terminal’s price optimization algorithms allow Investors, Property Professionals, and Lenders, the capability to optimally restructure (or re-price) existing lease contracts for modification, known as “blend and extend”, while precisely preserving the original contract value
  • With preservation of yield and value paramount, Investors, Property Professionals, and Lenders now have the de facto leasing technology for pricing and re-pricing lease contracts that buttress underlying property asset values
  • Investors, Property Professionals, and Lenders will have confidence knowing that millions in profits generated across a property portfolio can be directly attributed to lease contracts priced to meet business plan objectives

F9Analytics was founded to deliver superior technology centric financial solutions to the commercial real estate industry. F9Analytics, through its direct and corporate enterprise cloud services, provides companies, property investors, and property service firms exceptional technologies to simplify the complexity of property finance.

For further information, please visit, or contact:


2 East Congress

9th Floor

Tucson, Arizona, USA


John J. Cona

Chief Executive Officer

+1 (213) 444-1678

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