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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#demandmanagement–Infiniti Research is the world’s leading independent provider of strategic market intelligence solutions. Our market intelligence services are designed to connect your organization’s goals with global opportunities. Today’s competitive business environment demands in-depth, accurate, and reliable business information to ensure that companies gain a strong foothold in domestic or foreign markets. Our global industry specialist teams ensure the international consistency of our research, enabling powerful access to the real story behind market changes. Request a complimentary proposal for more insights into our solutions portfolio.

“To meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of customers, retail companies will need to bring precision to every point of the supply chain. This is where the real power of leveraging demand management solution comes into play,” says a demand management research expert from Infiniti Research.

Engagement Overview:

The client is a retail company based out of Canada facing significant losses due to overproduction, and difficulties with efficient supply chain processes and management. They sought assistance with restructuring their supply chain, and reducing costs. They also wanted to optimize inventory, stock up appropriately, improve distribution planning and boost customer experience. With Infiniti’s demand management solution, our research experts aimed to help the client identify, forecast, and fulfil product demand based on the market needs.

Retail companies are faced with varying challenges constantly. including the need for product forecast accuracy, optimized labour management, and efficient cash flow management. Our demand management solutions can help companies focus on these areas, reduce costs, and enhance profits. Contact us here.

Our Approach:

  • Market research engagement to analyze transformations and developments in the retail market in Canada.
  • Inventory forecasting solution to forecast target stock levels and meet potential market demand.
  • Demand planning engagement to predict demand patterns based on sales data, customer orders, and market indicators.

Business impact of the demand management solution for the Canadian retailer:

With Infiniti’s demand management solution, the client was able to optimize functions, such as forecast-to-task, order-to-cash, and optimize inventory levels to significantly lower operating costs. With real-time inventory data, the client improved visibility across the supply chain.

Also, the Canadian retail company was also able to:

  • Identify high cost processes and inefficient use of revenue
  • Improve core areas and produce significant cost savings
  • Identify cost-effective solutions for transportation and gain access to better inventory management
  • Reduce inventory costs by 13%, and enhance profits by 21%

Retail companies are faced with ever-evolving demands and needs of their customer, improving forecast accuracy, optimizing labour management, and managing logistic activities is crucial. Request more info to learn how our demand management solutions can help your business.

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