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Once you’ve started your business, it is time to spread a word and introduce it to people. Since we live in a digital world where people spend most of their day on social media and other online activities, the best way to promote your business is online.

Most small companies do not have significant capital to invest in marketing right from the start. However, all hope is not lost since there are pretty amazing methods where you can advertise your business for free.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best free online advertising methods in 2020.

Google My Business

This is the obvious thing to start with. You need to put your business on the digital map so people can easily find it. Google My Business offers free local advertising. It is basically a listing that appears in search results as well as in Google Maps.

You can add relevant contact information such as phone number, website, working hours, or location. Take your time and make your profile presentable by including photos and all available information.



Search Engine Optimization has been the primary source of free traffic for many businesses. By using SEO, you can make your business appear in the top pages once people search the keywords you are targeting.

It is essential to know the difference between SEO and search ads. SEO is a tool used to attract organic results and bring people to your website without paying anything. In order to fully understand how SEO works, you need to do a lot of research and practice with your content. It is the best way to advertise your business for free.


Social Media

Nowadays, businesses can create social media business profiles where they submit all kinds of information about their procedures, products, etc. There are paid ads on almost every social media platform, but you can still build your community without paying.


When it comes to Facebook, make sure you invite all your friends to like your business page. After you’ve gathered some likes, you should start publishing engaging content.

When other people interact with your content, Facebook will showcase your business page to other people for free. Facebook is a great way to promote all kinds of businesses: clothing brands, jewelry stores, since now you can even open an online store.


Pinterest is a great way to improve the visual element in your company. Uploading images that are related to your website for a specific topic can boost your organic traffic by a considerable margin.


Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms commonly used for brand awareness. It is a great way to improve the visual factor of your company, where you can put your website in bio and upload exciting photos related to the niche you are trying to enter.



Every business is created to come up with a solution to other people’s problems. You should think about how your product or service helps other people. Once you fully understand the benefit that other people get from your business, it is time to present that to other people.

Quora is a question and answer site. This means that you can provide solutions to other people’s problems by sharing information about your product or services.


Guest Blogging

To improve your PR campaign, you don’t need a PR agent. You can do it all yourself at the start by simply writing articles for other blogs. Remember, these blogs have thousands of visitors every day, and you will have a chance to promote your company and submit links to your website.

However, you should always go for blogs that are directly related to the niche that you are targeting and follow their guidelines. Most blogs don’t approve huge promotional articles about other businesses, so you have to be careful to follow their guidelines.

These are some of the best free online advertising methods for your business. If you do things the right way and go for different ways of getting free traffic, you wouldn’t need paid advertising for your business. All of the things mentioned above are used even by big companies such as horse betting websites like, Nike, Apple, and many more. Since they are doing it, there is no reason for you to avoid free advertising.