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Pioneer in government-backed social real estate assets

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From today all the investment management activities of the Civitas Group have been brought together under the new name of Civitas Investment Management Limited (“CIM” or “the Group”).

CIM is a leading impact investor specialising in government-backed real assets that produce beneficial and sustainable social outcomes. Today, CIM announces expanded client mandates with combined assets under management (“AUM”) of £2 billion.

In all of CIM’s investment activities the Group aims to achieve measurable social impact at scale whilst delivering consistent long-term return profiles for investors together with value for money for the public purse. This is reflected in better personal outcomes and an enhanced quality of life for people living in the Group’s properties.

CIM’s performance in achieving these aims is monitored by independent social impact consultants who challenge and assist CIM in its investment frameworks.

Having established a leading presence in the UK for care-based housing and healthcare CIM is now expanding further into community based infrastructure and is planning to launch in the EU during the next 12 months.

New Website

To support these plans CIM has launched a new dedicated website that outlines its activities, social objectives and profiles the range of investment strategies that are delivered for institutional investors around the world (

Who We Are

CIM is a pioneer in introducing ethical, long-term private capital into the affordable housing and healthcare sectors, initially in England and Wales, then more widely in the UK and now with plans to access major EU countries.

In 2016 CIM launched Civitas Social Housing PLC, (“CSH”) as the first premium London listed real estate investment trust dedicated to investing in care-based housing for working age adults with long-term healthcare needs.

CSH is now a FTSE 250 company and the leading provider of care-based community housing in the UK with a portfolio of more than 600 buildings independently valued at nearly £900 million. Located across 164 local authority areas, supported by 117 specialist care providers, and 15 housing partners CSH provides bespoke, high quality adapted homes for over 4,200 people.

Reflecting the success of the strategy shareholders recently approved an extension of the CSH investment policy to enable the fund to work directly with the NHS, with other leading care providers and with major charities to provide accommodation and other social properties, in short supply within healthcare real estate.

CIM Investment Strategies

Having commenced investing in care-based social housing, CIM has now evolved a range of four broad and complementary investment strategies as follows:

  • Healthcare
  • Social and Affordable Housing
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Urban Regeneration

Across each of the four investment strategies are common themes and investment objectives that include:

  • 100% governmental income and support
  • Value for money for the public purse
  • Stable long-term cash generation
  • Low volatility and low correlation to economic cycles
  • Measurable social and ESG impact

Exclusive Partnerships

To assist in the delivery of the Group’s investment strategies CIM is pleased to have established exclusive partnerships with a number of leading investment houses and global real estate and infrastructure investors with whom CIM shares common ambitions and objectives.

Today CIM’s partners include:

  • Schroders, the global investment manager responsible for more than £500 billion of client assets across multiple investment strategies. CIM and Schroders are exclusive partners delivering new care-based housing, initially for approximately 2,000 people;
  • A leading Asia based global infrastructure and real estate investor has established an exclusive partnership with CIM to invest in housing based social infrastructure assets

Our Vision

The team of professionals working at CIM comes from a range of different backgrounds each offering expertise and operational experience in healthcare, social housing, real estate, social infrastructure and investment management.

They share a common conviction that responsible private capital can play a transformational role in the delivery of social assets that are themselves designed to enhance lives and communities. By investing for the long-term, with measurable social impact a fundamental requirement, the conditions are created for achieving sustainable and ethical returns for investors.

Andrew Dawber, Group Director at Civitas Investment Management Limited commented:

“We are delighted that CIM has reached an important investment milestone based on a growing number of client mandates. We are greatly encouraged by the opportunities in the near term future as we grow and build out our investment funds, deploying capital in projects in the UK, and in Europe in due course. We are experiencing strong and growing demand from portfolio managers who increasingly recognise the attractions of investing in the asset classes that CIM promotes.

We are especially proud of the team that we have built at CIM who each provide different perspectives towards the same goal, creating sustainable investment returns for the long term in projects that deliver genuine social good at a local level wherever that investment is made.”


Notes to Editors:

Civitas Investment Management Limited (‘CIM’) is a leading impact investment manager that is dedicated to achieving long-term sustainable returns for the Group’s global investors by acquiring community-based assets that deliver positive social outcomes. CIM’s investments are supported by national governments and local municipalities that are themselves seeking to bring about positive societal change. CIM has an AUM of approximately £2 billion with a target to increase to £4 billion over the next two to three years following the build out of client mandates.

Among other impact investment ventures, CIM is the investment adviser to the London listed Civitas Social Housing PLC (“CSH”), the first dedicated London listed REIT to raise long-term sustainable, institutional capital to invest in care-based social homes and healthcare facilities across the UK. So far CIM has on behalf of CSH completed more than 120 individual transactions to build the largest portfolio of its kind in the UK that has been independently valued at approximately £900 million (


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