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Speed, stability, and security are enhanced as internet users transition between wireless, wired and mobile internet during the pandemic and beyond

PHILADELPHIA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Connectify today announced the launch of Speedify 10, the latest version of its revolutionary VPN service that lets you use all your internet connections at once. With version 10, Speedify has been reimagined to solve the challenges remote workers and other heavy internet users face in the current environment.

Built in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many Americans are still weeks to months away from returning to the office, and nearly 70 percent of remote workers face connectivity issues when working from home, according to Independence Research. Adding to their internet woes, data from M-Lab revealed that more than three-fourths of U.S. states are experiencing slower internet speeds as the crisis has accelerated.

“The pandemic has reshaped our expectations for internet access,” said Alex Gizis, CEO of Connectify. “People are hosting video calls, live streaming, and playing online games like never before to digitally engage with the world. However, despite how essential the internet is to our daily lives, connectivity technologies are failing users in critical moments. Speedify 10 is the remedy, because it lets users bond all of their available connections for increased performance as well as transition seamlessly between them without missing a beat.”

Enhanced Features, Better Internet

From home internet to mobile data and public Wi-Fi networks, almost everyone has more than one readily available internet connection that traditional VPNs do not capitalize on.

Speedify 10 removes the friction that prevents internet connections from working together. It empowers a seamless and secure remote work experience, enhances streaming, and adds resiliency for users who cannot afford to be offline.

It stabilizes internet connections by ensuring failover between Wi-Fi and mobile internet without dropping a data stream or disconnecting a user in their networks’ dead zones. Regardless of which network is being utilized at a given moment, Speedify’s industry-leading encryption provides increased security and privacy for all user data flowing through the VPN tunnel.

Speedify 10 improves streaming by automatically detecting and prioritizing real-time streams such as video calls and VoIP, using multiple connections at once to increase reliability or provide an extra boost of speed when necessary.

Key new features of Speedify 10 include:

  • Higher quality, more reliable video calls and live streaming – Achieved by bringing multiple connections together to improve performance and speed
  • At-a-glance connection statistics – Performance data is front and center, enabling users to understand their connections in new ways
  • Reimagined Interface – Users can easily connect, customize, and optimize their remote access experience
  • Smoother connections – Support for navigating captive portals and guest Wi-Fi logins without disconnecting

“When streaming live video or working remotely, technological problems are always looming,” said Speedify user Chris Carson, owner of SteadiReadi. “Live streaming is all about reaching your audience now, which you can’t do if your internet connection is slow or fails. Speedify provides peace of mind by using all of my available internet connections to keep me connected and streaming wherever I am. Battling internet issues is a thing of the past with Speedify — I can’t recommend it enough.”

Available Now, with a Limited Time Sale

In conjunction with the launch of Speedify 10, Connectify is having a special sale through June 30th on yearly and multi-year subscriptions, where users can experience its latest connectivity solution for an additional 50 percent off of annual and multi-year plans. The app is now available for download on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux.

For more information about Speedify 10 and to download a risk-free trial, visit

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About Connectify

Connectify creates apps that allow people to do more with their Internet connections. Its products include Speedify, the VPN that uses all your internet connections at once; Connectify Hotspot, the first software-only virtual router; Pingify, a mobile network diagnostics tool for iOS and Android to test the reliability of Wi-Fi, cellular and VPN connections; and EdgeWise Connect, a native iOS app that rescues users from the edge of Wi-Fi. It continues to innovate by developing and designing apps that have one thing in common: they make your Internet better.


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