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New logo trends are always in the spotlight. We’ll always have the peak modernist trying to always stay ahead of the time, and we’ll always have the throwback detective, always trying to bring back designs of the old.

Social media optimized logos, simplistic letter play, swooshy people, pixelated designs, and bright colors were popular logo design trends in 2018. When we looked at logo design trends in 2019, we saw a renewed focus on responsive logo design, simple typography, and a renewed popularity of vintage styles.

The logo design trends for 2020 will continue to build on everything designers have been exploring in the last few years, while also taking design in directions that are totally new, totally fresh, totally right for an all-new decade. Let’s take a look at five of the top logo design trends that are already defining the market in 2020:


Style no. 1: Throwback to the 80’s

Things are getting back in fashion and all the 80’s are turning back as cool once again: Pop music, video games, fashion and of course logos. These are getting popular because they focus on the consumer’s nostalgia. The 80’s trends are nowadays old enough to be considered retro, and more than that, we can state everything’s collectible, logos included.

There are many ways to tackle a retro logo design, but as a general note, all of them are bright, techy, bombastic, sometimes pixelated or glitchy, or even 8-bit on some occasions.


Style no. 2: Gradients in 3D

Designers will have to adapt to the evolution of gradients: 3D. Depth, shadows and lighting took over the standard old school gradients, turning them into something a bit trickier to print, but excellent and satisfying for all types of screens: from you phone or tablet to huge HD screens.

Simple and modern 3D Gradients are meant to create the most surprising results, out of the most ordinary flat gradients. Keep an eye out for the gradients that have a central point in order to emphasize the contrast between the colors – these are about to shake the market!


Style no. 3: Dots in technology

It’s already a phenomenon: series of dots and lines to create an overall design. Designers play with the weight, compositions, solid, hollow, straight, curvy, techy or any other kind or style of dot and line out there to obtain that homogenous look while delivering authenticity.

Most of these are often paired with a clean, even minimal sans serif fonts. Tech, HR or even medical industries are often picking up this style, for dots and lines can easily mean the connection between people or the data traveling between points.


Style no. 4: Ultra old cartoonish

Going back to yet another nostalgic trend, featuring a whole different approach, the simple, adorable and expressive style of the 1930’s is making it to the top. It’s all about the familiarity of printed cartoons that keeps this stile appealing to both brands and designers.

Most of these are two-tone colored, having the sleek, clean and modern vibe, while crashing the accent on hand drawn, handcrafted line art style. We are indeed expecting this style to flourish once again in 2020 because it’s connecting on a deeper emotional level with viewers and customers.


Style no. 5: Unfinished, imperfect and raw

Asymmetrical designs, shading techniques, and uneven lines are ruling the industry of graphics and thus, imperfect becomes perfect for branding. This year, the unfinished, raw designs are getting grittier and more sketch-like and stamp-like as brands continue to embrace the homegrown, organic look.

All these sketchy designs reject the sleek, perfect look made possible with design programs and take us back into sketchbooks where there’s asymmetry, uneven lines and shading techniques like cross-hatching and contour shading.



New decade, new design trends. These logo trends are the ones that are kicking off a brand new era of design, so whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or designer, you should understand these trends because a logo is the visual centerpiece of a company’s brand identity.

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