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The main topic of discussion these days is centered on the COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying economic crisis. The coronavirus outbreak is making emerging businesses to suffer a lot in several ways. Some of the small businesses have already closed their doors, before the lockdown orders. The closures are temporary for some businesses and many small businesses may have to turn out to be permanent. The impact of coronavirus Pandemic on small businesses will be certainly huge and it will change the business prospects and the trend of globalization.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, the whole world economy has collapsed. The majority of the companies have stopped their work to stop the spread of the deadly disease. This sudden change in the work pattern leads to huge losses to the businesses, but health is the main concern, and employee health is a priority.

Hence keeping this thing in mind, various mobile app development companies have given work from home options to their employees. The companies in this tough pandemic situation are using various digital tools, and software’s for collaboration.

Fluper is a mobile App Development Company providing the best app solutions to emerging companies to help them grow their business ROI. The company has a team of experienced mobile app developers who are well proficient to deliver high-quality applications.


How Fluper is helping emerging business?

With the help of On-demand Application development services, the company is helping the emerging business in a great manner. Nowadays people require some specific things and going out to the marketplace is tough, where a virus can spread through contact. Coronavirus is spreading terror in the hearts of people and with the outbreak of this pandemic many people are still not aware of how this virus is spreading, and how far this issue will extend further. So in short, the panic level is high, and if you are delivering any kind of products or services to the users, you need to be careful and take needed precautions to avoid critical situations.

At this tough time, developing a mobile application is important to understand the needs of the user. Fluper understands the seriousness of this critical situation. So the company is extending its support and guidance to make sure the safety of both the customers and employees by providing a 30% discount on all app development services.

Fluper, the app development company knows that the businesses are learning to manage with tough times and recognize the situation completely. That’s why the company is ready with some great offers that are competent and cost-effective, which allow businesses to survive the tough COVID-19 Pandemic times.

Fluper is one of the leading mobile app development companies known for its commitment. In recent times, the company has delivered more than 500 mobile apps. The company has a team of 350+ professionals who know all the ways to fulfill the client’s requirements and this is the reason in this tough COVID-19 Pandemic situation the company is prioritizing its employees’ benefits and comfort. Hence the company has decided to work remotely due to COVID-19 and for the health of its employees is taken all essential precautions to make sure that there will be no disruption in the services.

The team at Fluper understands the value of business commitment by considering that the client’s needs in this tough situation. Fluper being an award-winning company mobile app development company has more than 9 years of industry experience, and the company has expanded its offices in UAE, UK, and the USA. Due to the COVID-19, the team of Fluper will operate remotely and if anyone needs any kind of assistance regarding the mobile app development services then they can surely contact the company and the expert team will get in touch with them soon.


About the company:

Fluper is a well-established mobile app development company. The company’s talented team of 350+ professionals offer dynamic and robust mobile applications. The company provides high-quality solutions to all business sizes from Start-ups to large scale businesses. The company provides mobile app development services ranging from iOS App Development, Android App Development, Blockchain Development, Enterprise App Development to Wearable App Development, and much more. In the present COVID-19 Pandemic situation Fluper is definitely going to help a lot of start-ups and SMEs along with its team of professionals to bring the difference.