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Whenever you hear the name of a famous brand, there’s most likely something happening without you even know it: you imagine company’s logo color combinations in your mind. Coca Cola: red and white, Ikea: blue and yellow, Starbucks: green and white, FedEx: purple and orange, and so on.

Color has such a powerful effect on our brains, and often, the color scheme is among the first decisions a designer makes when it comes to crafting a visual identity for a brand. This is the foundation for the overall personality, mood and feeling of the branding, and frequently guides the rest of their design choices.

Of course, the exact final nuances may change a bit as the design evolves, and while it’s not in a designer’s best interest to just go blindly with what’s on the market out there, knowing what color combinations are popular, can help kickstart the design process and get that momentum needed to have that critical spark of inspiration. Without further ado, here is a selection of trending colors in logo design:

Vista Blue and Cello (#8FD6B4 and #1E385B)

The Cello blue nuance has been considered as a safe choice in brand design. It emanates confidence, trust and reliability and even if it can be at risk of seeming too “old school” or boring, paired with another cool hue like Vista Blue, it can breathe new life into this classic color. It creates depth and contrast and gives it a more contemporary feel.

Gravel Gray and Electric Lime (#CCED00 and #5A5A5A)

An energetic pair of colors which is very popular especially in web design. The combination of colors is usually perceived as high tech being easily related advanced technology and innovation. The core neutral Gravel Gray is minimal and modern, while the Electric Lime adds energy and injects fun and personality.

Black and White (#000000 and #FFFFFF)

This combination will always work because it creates the ultimate balance. White is pure and peaceful while Black is dominant and strong. They are polar opposites, but this is the exact contrast that makes them so effective together. Visually, by combining them, the white gets highlighted and the black becomes darker. The results are crisp, contemporary and clean, the Black and White pair being popular in all areas of design.

Torea Bay and Beauty Bush (#0F2D9E and #EEC1BE)

Beauty Bush is a delicate pink that combined with the Torea Bay blue, gives off a playful yet trustworthy vibe. One pops against the other, creating a fun and creative contrast, while not being aggressive or too demanding to the eye. The combination works well for retail or publishing brands, in fashion or other creative business.

Kournikova Yellow and Everglade Green (#FFE772 and #2C5F2D)

This youthful Kournikova Yellow brings some life and energy to the calming Everglade Green in this color combination. The yellow is full of happiness and boundless joy while the green is symbolic of growth and nature, and by pairing them we get a clean and natural feel. The combination of general green and yellow is often seen in industries such as agriculture, cleaning, and environmental services.

Burning Orange and Tuatara (#FF7034 and #363534)

The enthusiastic Burning Orange interacts nicely with powerful Tuatara gray, creating an overall feeling of mystery and thrill. The dark Tuatara is the professional and grounded counterpart to the Burning Orange that provides a dose of optimism, fun and adrenaline. This color combination would work well for the film and music industries as well as for brands that refuse to shy away from the spotlight like extreme sports, escape rooms or nightclubs.

Mustard and Cedar (#3E1C14 and #FFDB58)

Definitely a vintage color combination. Great for professional services looking to offer a sophisticated yet traditional vibe, the Cedar and Mustard combo would complement any artisanal services, as well as restaurants and cafes with a more traditional feel. Mustard is a bold color, pairing it with the woody Cedar can help balancing it out, emanating an earthy and organic feel.

Bonus, the three musketeers of 2020: Wild Strawberry, Chartreuse Yellow and Cerulean (#FF3399, #DFFF00 and #02A4D3)

Vivid color will continue to rise in popularity in 2020, and one of the most vivid combinations you’re likely going to see is Wild Strawberry, Chartreuse Yellow and Cerulean. Extremely close to the base Cyan Magenta and Yellow, neon signs, strobe lights, glow paint and disco fever has truly taken hold in this color palette, making it border-line usable: If you want to create a design that demands attention and is full of energy, then this color combination is the way to go.


Every day, we subconsciously make connections in our brains that trigger negative or positive emotions, and even if don’t know it, the psychology behind colors plays a huge role in our lives.

If you’re creating a logo, remember that the color combination you choose tells a story, and you want that story to reflect who you are as a brand while resonating with your target audience. If you don’t know how to pick them, or need an advice, or just want to get some inspiration, head over to Hibridium, and let’s get in touch!

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