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Annual Meeting of Shareholders still to be held on May 13, 2020 at 9:30 a.m.

NEWTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tremont Mortgage Trust (Nasdaq: TRMT) announced today that its annual meeting of shareholders scheduled for May 13, 2020 (the “Annual Meeting”) will be held by Internet webcast in order to mitigate potential risks to the health and safety of TRMT’s shareholders, service providers, personnel and other stakeholders arising from the public health impact of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

If you are a shareholder as of the record date who holds shares directly, you may participate in the Annual Meeting via Internet webcast by visiting the following website and following the registration and participation instructions contained therein: Please have the control number located on your proxy card or voting information form available.

If you are a shareholder as of the record date who holds shares indirectly through a brokerage firm, bank or other nominee (a “Beneficial Owner”), you must present evidence of your beneficial ownership of shares. For this purpose, a copy of a letter or account statement from the applicable brokerage firm, bank or other nominee confirming such ownership will be acceptable. If you are a beneficial owner and want to vote your shares at the Annual Meeting, you must also provide a legal proxy from your bank, broker or other nominee. You will not be able to vote your shares at the Annual Meeting without a legal proxy. Beneficial Owners should complete the registration process at least three days in advance of the Annual Meeting to ensure that all documentation and verifications are in order.

The agenda for the Annual Meeting is unchanged from the proxy statement dated March 13, 2020, and the proxy statement and proxy card that were mailed to record date shareholders on or about that date remain valid. Shareholders of record at the close of business on February 28, 2020 are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Meeting.

If you have already voted by mail, by telephone or online, you do not need to do anything further to vote your shares. If you have any other questions about the Annual Meeting or about voting, please call Investor Relations at (617) 796-7651.



Proxy Statement and Annual Meeting of Shareholders

A copy of the TRMT’s definitive proxy statement is available free of charge on the SEC’s website at Shareholders should read the definitive proxy statement carefully because it contains important information. Shareholders should make no decision about the proposals being presented at the Annual Meeting until reviewing the definitive proxy statement made available to them.

TRMT and its trustees and officers, Tremont Realty Advisors LLC and its affiliates’ respective members, trustees, directors, shareholders, officers and employees, and other persons may be deemed to be participants in the solicitation of proxies with respect to the proposals being presented at the Annual Meeting. Shareholders may obtain more detailed information regarding the direct and indirect interests of the foregoing persons by reading the definitive proxy statement filed with the SEC.

A Maryland Real Estate Investment Trust with transferable shares of beneficial interest listed on the Nasdaq. No shareholder, Trustee or officer is personally liable for any act or obligation of the Trust.


Christopher Ranjitkar

Senior Director, Marketing & Corporate Communications


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