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BIRKIRKARA, Malta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#covery–In any industry, fraud directly leads to revenue, license, and customer losses.

Thus, it is crucial to ensure safety, risk assessment, and fraud prevention for businesses and their users with efficient and forging-ahead solutions.

With this in mind, a team of talented risk managers and data scientists with 10+ years of experience in risk mitigation in low- and high-risk industries created Covery in 2016.

The main idea was to develop a simple online-platform that can cover all business needs starting from chargebacks prevention and to AML / PEPs screening.

As a complement to the platform, the Covery team wanted to find a comprehensive and straightforward way of how to explain to anybody what risk management and fraud prevention are.

Therefore, the Covery team came to idea of another comic book creation.

Evident changes brought by COVID-19 to the to present and future payment and banking services, for instance, a complete switch to online, motivated the Covery team to release the 4th edition of a comic book which is dedicated to FinTech fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.


Lesia Klochai

[email protected]