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NINGBO, China–(BUSINESS WIRE)–There are many questions a prospective student may ask about a university before narrowing down their targets for application. One important question is – which university is of best value?

Prospective students in the United States, interested in gaining a world-class degree – but put off by sky-high tuition fees and living costs – are being encouraged to consider looking east for their education.

As a University of Nottingham’s overseas branch campus, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) offers a wide array of scholarships to help with the cost of studying abroad.

UNNC is located on China’s eastern seaboard, a two-hour train ride south of Shanghai. The University offers degrees from the University of Nottingham, which are taught in English and subject to the same rigorous quality assurance standards as the UK.

Scholarships on offer range from a quarter scholarship (which waives 25 percent of the first-year tuition fee) to a full scholarship (roughly USD 15,700), and apply to both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. The estimated total cost is around USD 22,000 per year, and the length of study is three years for undergraduate and one year for master’s programmes.

Programmes at UNNC are available at bachelors, masters and doctoral level, and certain bachelors programmes even offer the opportunity to spend the last two years studying at the University of Nottingham’s UK campus.

Alexis Stemper, a master’s student on UNNC’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) programme, received a scholarship that waived half of her tuition fee. Originally from the State of Wisconsin, she plans to remain in Ningbo after graduation. “The overall experience of living and studying at UNNC has turned out to be great,” she says. “I wanted to learn to teach English in a non-native speaking country. Choosing UNNC gives me the edge because I receive a Nottingham degree that is recognised around the world, while the cost is much more affordable compared to a UK or US university.”

Students who attend UNNC also get the opportunity to take complimentary Chinese language classes, and experience living in China in one of the country’s best cities for business, Ningbo.

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