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LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Many organisations have suddenly had to implement an indefinite period of homeworking for employees due to the COVID-19 outbreak, bringing with it the potential for huge personal and business disruption. While some employees have experienced working from home on a regular or ad-hoc basis, others may feel a sense of isolation from this new working environment and the lack of social contact. For employers to share and to help support employees, International SOS and Affinity Health at Work have drawn on existing evidence and outlined ten practical advice tips to maintain mental health whilst homeworking.

Dr Rachel Lewis, Registered Occupational Psychologist & Director, Affinity Health at Work, comments, “Homeworking has, almost overnight, become the standard for a far greater proportion of the working population. It is critical to acknowledge that this method of working for over three days a week is often associated with increased mental ill-health and that employees may need access to support through this. One of the most crucial psychological risks posed by homeworking is social isolation and many will be experiencing loneliness; on top of feeling anxious and fearful. Homeworking is also likely to have a detrimental impact on our health promoting behaviours, which have been shown to not just be important for physical health but also for protecting psychological health.”

Dr Laurent Taymans, Regional Medical Director, International SOS, “With millions now working from home, some with the prospect of having family members around, others in isolation, this poses a major threat to the mental wellbeing of the workforce. While it is currently planned to be a matter of months for many, for some this could be a catalyst for the evolution of the workplace and the way of the future, if the opportunity is grasped. The way employees and organisations both recognise the challenges and the benefits in managing their workload while being remote will be a key driver to keeping motivation, and business objectives, on track through this uncertain and unsettling period and beyond.”

Top Tips to Maintain your Mental Wellbeing Whilst Homeworking – see the full information here.

  1. Decide where at home work will happen
  2. Keep a regular routine
  3. Have a clear end to your working day
  4. Consider physiological health impacts upon psychological health
  5. Reach out to others
  6. As soon as possible, communicate with your co-workers about how you are going to work
  7. Prioritise informal communication
  8. Build in regular respite to your day
  9. Remember health promoting behaviours
  10. Embrace the positives

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