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PARIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With his experience acquired as general manager of sales of Ancilia anti-radiation iPhone cases, using a patented electromagnetic wave protection technology with the support of the CNRS, the IETR and the University of Nantes, Xavier Eyrolles, President de Locapresse, is proud to announce the launch of a range of radiation protection films that can be adapted to all models of smartphones and tablets on the market.

This ultra-thin protective film (70 microns) protects the user from electromagnetic waves while maintaining optimal call quality. This innovative film also protects screens from blue rays, one of the main causes of eyestrain, UV rays and water splashes, while maintaining all tactile functions.

Unlike the anti-wave folio cases which must remain closed to be effective and can only be applied to mobile phones, the Wave Screen Shield film allows this technology to be applied to tablets, also offering an ideal protection for children, knowing that 3-year-olds spend an average of 3.6 hours a day in front of a screen, while it is children who absorb the most radiation.

For Xavier Eyrolles, the report on the potential risks of exposure to radiation emitted by our mobile phones is alarming.

Many international scientific studies demonstrate the potential risks of electromagnetic waves on human health. The World Health Organization (WHO) itself officially recommends precautions such as hands-free devices to minimize exposure to radiation from the phone. And yet with the development of new technologies, including high-speed internet for smartphones, and the arrival of 5G, a technology on which we have no scientific data in terms of impact on health, exposure to waves electromagnetic continues to increase. We absolutely must adopt the precautionary principle,” he underlines.

The Research & Development phase on this innovative technology having resulted in high-performance prototypes which are certified REACH RoHS – NF EN410, Locapresse can now enter the pre-production phase in order to quickly confirm international certification, manufacturing and distribution of the Wave Screen Shield protective films for around fifty models within the year 2020.



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