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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As COVID-19 intensifies in Japan, many companies are taking steps to reduce the likelihood of infection caused by aggregation. Recently, before the arrival of a minor vacation in Japan, teachers of Tokyo COSMO School (Japanese language school) have applied Chinese office software DingTalk to hold a special video conference with students to remind students to pay attention to self-protection during vacation, and planned to open long-distance teaching through DingTalk.

It is reported that DingTalk is Alibaba’s free enterprise-level intelligent mobile office platform, playing a huge role in telecommuting and teaching of Chinese enterprises and schools during the outbreak. DingTalk currently covers 10 million businesses in China and has 200 million users. During the outbreak, more than 50 million Chinese students attended classes online through DingTalk.

DingTalk has been applied for more than 2 years in the “Tokyo COSMO School,” helping the school solve problems anytime and anywhere such as communication, information transmission, student attendance, and teaching management. DingTalk’s attendance record, approval, intelligent personnel, intelligent cloud printing, video conference, cloud classroom and other functions have been widely used. Meanwhile, DingTalk also provides real-time AI translation for students who have just come to Japan to facilitate communication between students and teachers.

On June 27 last year because of the “Tropical Storm Sepat,” the school had to temporarily decide to take a holiday, it successfully notified more than 300 students in the whole school through DingTalk in less than 1 minute. DingTalk has greatly improved the management efficiency of the school. During COVID-19, the situation has been changeable. DingTalk can help us deliver the latest news to the students at the first time, it is very efficient and convenient. The school’s principal, Tetsuya Matsuka, said that in order to prevent COVID-19, the long-distance teaching can be opened through the DingTalk at any time based on needs, so that more than 300 students can also attend classes at home.


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