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Ecommerce refers to all transactions done online between buyers and sellers. The ecommerce sector is growing at a great pace as more consumers are becoming online shoppers and more brands seeing the need to set up online stores.

According to research, retail ecommerce global sales reached a staggering $2.3 trillion in 2017 alone. There’s so much for entrepreneurs to gain from launching online stores. If you own a business and wish to set up an ecommerce site, here are the seven features that you must not fail to include.



In 2020, it is absolutely necessary that your ecommerce website is mobile-friendly. In the last few years, most purchases have been made over smartphones. If visitors struggle with browsing your website, they will just leave and visit your competitors.



Your ecommerce website should be properly designed so that customers can use it without hassle. About 76% of consumers said they are more likely to purchase from an ecommerce website that is easy to navigate. Don’t make things difficult for potential customers, or else they’ll leave.


High-Resolution Videos and Photos

Online shoppers can only see what they intend to purchase through their phone or computer screens. For this reason, ecommerce entrepreneurs need to upload high-resolution photos and videos of their products.


Display User-Generated Reviews

Studies show that 56% of shoppers always read reviews or ratings before making a purchase. And don’t be scared of showcasing the few negative reviews you have as well. Modern-day consumers trust a site that has got positive reviews as well as negative ones.


Include Special Offers in Your Header

Shoppers love special offers in the form of discounts and coupons. This is an excellent way to get customers to buy more products on your ecommerce site. If you’ve got a special offer for them, don’t forget to include it in your site’s header. It is a place of great visibility.


Related Items

“Related items” is an incredible feature that’s sure to get you more sales. When an online shopper purchases a particular product on your ecommerce site and sees sections like “related items,“you might like this,” or “people who bought this item also searched for,” it signals to her that your ecommerce store is super helpful. Top ecommerce sites aren’t lacking in this feature, so yours shouldn’t either.


Security Features

With the rise of cybercrime in recent years, it becomes necessary for ecommerce sites to have good cybersecurity strategies as they can be targets for cybercriminals. Online shoppers also want to be sure your website is secure enough for them. Get an SSL certificate, two-factor authentication, use a firewall, and highlight a link to your privacy policy in your site’s footer.



The ecommerce industry is expanding, and you too can be part of the growth. The features discussed in this article have brought incredible results for loads of successful ecommerce businesses and can do the same for you. Don’t be left out.