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Kids tend to behave differently when it comes to brushing their teeth. Some will always remember to do so while others will try their best to avoid the session. Some kids even end up forgetting about the crucial routine due to their busy and funny schedule. As a parent, you must ensure that your kids clean their teeth at least twice a day. But for you to instil the culture in your kids, it is going to take more than some educative words. You need to be wise and creative. Below are some of the ways on how to make your kids brush their teeth daily.


Start early

Kids grow up doing what you teach them to do. Take advantage of this information and start soon. Once the first two teeth of your kid emerge, start initiating the brushing routine. Purchase a toy toothbrush and a toy toothpaste for him or her. Every morning when you are going to brush your teeth, take your kids with you and give him or her the toy paste and toothbrush you bought. The kid will grow up knowing that before bedtime and early in the morning, they have to brush their teeth.

As soon as he or she reaches 18 months, get him or her a tiny toothbrush with soft bristles. Continue brushing with your kid as you teach him or her the best way to do so. The habit will end up sticking, and that will give you an easy time as the kid grows up.

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Put your kids in charge

Sometimes putting your kids in charge tends to make them remember some things. To do so, start by allowing them to pick the toothbrush they want. You can also let them choose toothbrushes for you. Once they do, name them the brushing cops. That means they are to ensure everyone in the house brushes their teeth early in the morning and right before bed.

It is among the few creative and effective teeth brushing tips for kids. It will make them ensure that everyone within the household follows the routine. In the process, they will end up brushing their teeth effectively and as required. You will not even need to keep an eye on them because they will be the ones keeping an eye on you.

Introduce related coloring books and videos

Go shopping and come up with colouring books and videos that explain the importance of brushing your teeth. It is a fantastic yet effective method. With time they are going to notice how brushing their teeth is essential. They will thus pick up the habit and start cleaning without being forced.

The type of colouring books and videos you pick should be interesting enough to pass a message and make the activity fun. You thus need to be watchful on your selection. If the books and videos are boring, your kids will also find the routine to be boring.

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Use a tooth cleaning app

Even if you are planning to make your kids get an anterior crown to avoid various tooth problems, they must practice good cleaning habits. For instance, introduce a cleaning app. Most apps can accommodate as many as five kids, and that means you can add all your kids. Pick up a profile for each kid and let them only visit their profile while brushing their teeth.

Some apps include a song that goes for two minutes, which is the ideal amount of time for brushing teeth. Once they finish brushing, the app awards them stars. The idea of the app will make them eager to brush their teeth every day.

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Introduce rewards

If your kids are somehow stubborn to pick up the habit, come up with a rewarding system. To make the system effective, you need to reward kids with what they love most. If they don’t like whatever you are offering they will neglect brushing their teeth. So make a selection of enticing gifts that they can’t resist. This method on how to make teeth cleaning fun, however, requires you to be creative.

Since you cannot reward them daily, start by weekly and then put up an annual grand prize. The kids can only win the big prize if they keep up the routine for the whole year. That is without missing out some days. The idea will make your kids both competitive and punctual whenever teeth brushing time reaches.

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Those are so far some of the ways you can make your kids start brushing their teeth daily. The routine is not only essential but also very crucial since it guarantees their oral health. It also prevents them from having various dental problems such as cavities and plaque. Before you try these, make sure to consult your dentist, or you may also look on the web for Orally near me to get a high-quality dental consultation.