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Top 5 Best Things to do in Alexandria

Alex Marginean



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Alexandria, the most famous travel destination is a home of most stunning historical sites and natural sites. I traveled in Arab and found Egypt to be the most fascinating holiday destination in the Arab world. The one I place on my first choice is, of course, Morocco, But when you will visit Egypt, you will forget everything and would fall in love with the country and its cities.

After Cairo, Alexandria is the most attractive holiday destination. I traveled to Egypt with Virikson Holidays and find that to be a memorable and loving country. I’m here to write about some of the famous activities in Alexandria.

Top Best Activities in Alexandria

Alexandria, a center of many activities offers you some of the most famous one things to do in the town. Here is a list of few things to do.


Visit to the Citadel of Qaitbay:

Alexandria is a coastal city and have a number of natural places to visit. Citadel of Qaitbay is a historical place, a fortress of the Sultan of Egypt worths your visit. It is located just near to the sea and gives you a perfect opportunity to snap some of the natural and historical things to post on your Instagram or other social media portals to share your moments with your people.

It is a perfect and wonderful place to visit in Alexandria. Enrich your experience in Alexandria to explore such places. Next Destination awaits your visit.

Here comes Alexandria National Museum:

I suggest my fellow travelers that if they visit the destination, they should visit the Museum of that place first. It gives them the introduction of the history, culture and the living style of the people currently living in the location.

National Museum also gives good glimpses of Alexandria’s History by different objects like Jars, Sculptures, and the wooden, mud made objects. What I enjoyed is something was written on the jars and the leather pieces on the old scripture. My profession is communication so I enjoy to explore the old communication means and tools. For you, if you are in Alexandria, imperative to visit the National Museum of Alexandria, it is a nice place for the travelers visiting the place for the first time.


Stroll on the Most Beautiful Stanley Bridge:

It is one of my very finest, natural and memorable experience in Alexandria. You should visit this place at first. Your visit would work if you are visiting the place in evening. You can view the lights and the shades of those colorful lights in the waters of Nile.

My traveler friends were sharing their experiences that when it rains there, it makes the scene more romantic and eventually a perfect romantic environment if you are with your partner. It is not important to be with your partner by the way. Solo traveling is also a romance.

My romance is to stroll in the old streets of the old situations of the world, so I’m doing. I have visited more than fifty countries as yet and aiming to increase this number to stroll into some more locations.

So must visit the Stanley Bridge which is also famous as the bridge of Alexandria. Make some pictures that can save your travel memories.

Stroll in the Soft sands and Enjoy in the Heavenly Beaches:

It is the most favorite and common activity if you are on the travel destination to de-stress your nerves and relax. Beach Spots like Maamoura Beach and Abu Qir Beach would add much glamour to your very natural trip to Alexandria.

What makes it more special is a question of concern for every traveler. If you are Solo, you can sleep on the beach beds and stroll to make peace. Sports games are also common so you can ask your guide about what Sport is allowed on the beach spot you are visiting. Skiing and diving are famous in Alexandria’s water waves.

If you are with your family, you can play with the sand, make a castle or the faces more recognized by your kids or ask them to burry your half body in the sands. There are a lot of opportunities that can be designed on your visit to the beautiful beaches of Alexandria.


Alexandria Aquarium, Amazing Place:

Alexandria Aquarium is a perfect place for you if you want to take a unique experience. This is because Alexandria has not a formal Aquarium, it is all natural. To see the natural scenes and natural water life, you have to ride on the boat.

Yes, this is a natural and open-air Aquarium to give you the ultimate natural and pleasing experiences.  Water is clean, much transparent so you can see every species from your naked eye. Must visit to many interesting destinations on earth like Alexandria Aquarium.

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