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The importance of finding the right marketing strategy cannot be stressed enough.


In this day and age, business owners rely heavily on advertising and marketing campaigns. Like a lighthouse, marketing can lead the way through the turbulent waters of the modern business world. Statistics show that video marketing is one of the best strategies you can utilize.

After all, video marketing has recorded massive growth in popularity. It is estimated that by 2020, video content will account for 82% of consumer web traffic. Together with the expansion of virtual reality, video marketing seems to be on the way to take over the world.

So, here are five compelling reasons why it is high time you jumped on the bandwagon.


1.    Google Favors Videos

As we all know, Google owns YouTube and recent changes in algorithms have allowed videos to take precedence in search results. In other words, websites that feature embedded YouTube links are more likely to rank high on the list.

To be more precise, research shows that a YouTube video is 52 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google’s results than a text file. Of course, there are several reasons why that is the case. Either way, the bottom line is that video marketing can boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your site.


2.    Unmatched Convenience and Usability

No matter if you are creating video content for YouTube or a social media platform, the convenience of video marketing is miles above other channels. Nowadays, videos are more than easy to make. Slowly but surely, our sophisticated smartphones are making expensive equipment obsolete.

Of course, nothing would be possible without creativity. As long as your creative juices are flowing, creating videos is a piece of cake.


3.    Videos Build Trust

Besides being informative, video content can be interactive and entertaining. With the use of storytelling, marketers can engage the audience and build long-term relationships. Moreover, video marketing strategies can be personalized and adjusted for a specific target group.

If you focus on the quality of your videos, the viewers will connect with the story on a deeper level. Consequently, your product or service will become much more appealing.


4.    Video Content Can Boost Conversions

Video marketing campaigns can be an excellent method of boosting brand awareness and generating leads. After all, videos are ideal for sharing on social media platforms. According to statistics, videos have a whopping 1,200 more shares on social media sites than images and text combined.

In the end, all that traffic and engagement will inevitably boost conversion rates. Therefore, video marketing is not only fun, but it is also profitable.


5.    Videos Improve ROI

When it comes to profits, videos can make you money, no doubt about it. As much as 88% of marketers who utilize videos report being satisfied with the ROI. The reason for that is simple—the process of creating video content is affordable, and the rewards can be massive.

As we said, modern smartphones allow you to create captivating stories. Since video marketing does not require a large investment, it is clear that video content is here to stay.



Can you really afford not to use video marketing in your advertising strategies? As you can see, videos are an excellent tool for improving brand visibility and generating conversions. Affordable and convenient, videos are easy to make, and, most importantly, they boost ROI.

There are not many cons when it comes to using a video marketing strategy in the first place. So, what are you waiting for? Start crafting some good video content as soon as possible.