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People all around the world are joining the cause to save nature. The industrialization has taken a toll on our planet and the world is starting to realize its cost. One of the many reasons we are losing nature is because of the use of paper. Paper is made of wood, and wood comes from trees. Over 100 thousand trees are cut down every day to make paper. Many businesses have started to go paperless to save forests and their inhabitants. Here is how your small business can also lose the use of paper and help protect nature.


No to Printers

The very first step to go paperless is to get rid of printers. No printers mean no pages or ink required. There is a better and paperless way to do everything you needed to do with the printer. This might feel like a drag at first, but you eventually get used to it. Remembering that you are doing it to make this world a better place for your kids will keep you motivated.


Copy with Scanners

Instead of using a photocopy machine to print one page on another, you should make a soft copy of every document. You can purchase a scanner for your office, or use scanning apps – they work just as good. These soft copies are made in PDF format which you can convert, edit, and share effortlessly with SodaPDF.


Compose and Share Soft Copies

Switch your focus towards sharing soft form of documents. Whether you scan or compose, it’s much easier to edit a soft copy than a printed page. Emailing a file is much faster and cost-efficient than posting a printed hard copy. You have tools like MS Office and Soda PDF to easily compose, manage, edit, convert, and share documents.


Use Online Notifications

Instead of printing a notification and putting on notice board, add a notification feature in your management system. If you are not using any office or enterprise management system, then consider getting one developed. It will make the work process faster, saving your employees’ time and making communication more effective. What’s even better is that you won’t have to print any notifications or letters.


Meetings with a PowerPoint Presentation

There is no need to print and make copies of your documents to share information in a meeting. There is a tool called Microsoft PowerPoint that helps you create amazing presentations. Use this tool to create attractive and colorful presentations and use a projector to show it in your meetings. It will not only be easier to explain your points but also look more professional.


Contracts with E-Signatures

Even making contracts is faster and easier with soft documents. There was a time when you had to print and post documents to get signatures on them. But now you can get e-signatures of all parties online, and it’s legally bounding. Soda PDF offers the feature of electronic signature to its users. You only need a soft copy of your signature, which you can either scan or have designed in Photoshop.

You can paste your signature on the document and put it online. Share the link with other parties so they can also add their signatures. They can sign only through authorized email and every change is recorded.